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03-25-2012, 10:40 AM
While the cold is slowly vanishing, Feierkind Records presents something to remember the winter: The ice cold "Oliver Edwards - Sintflut EP", including the "Original Mix" and three stunning Remixes by Italianbeat Guys, MesU.T and Mr. Cashmere.

Oliver´s “Original Mix” stands out with the fierce lead synth, dirty bass stabs and distinctive synth pads of the likes of Extrawelt. The “Italianbeat Guys Remix” presents a dreamy vibe, due to its carefully placed and smooth bassline. MesU.T, on the other hand, delivers primetime techno with his punchy, dancefloor orientated version. And to wrap it all up, Mr. Cashmere offers a far more experimental approach to this EP. Four totally different versions of “Sintflut”, usable for any set time, will be found on this diversified Techno masterpiece. But don't take our word for it... press play and enjoy.

Oliver Edwards – Sintflut (Original Mix) http://soundcloud.com/oliveredwards/oliver-edwards-sintflut
Oliver Edwards – Sintflut (MesU.T Remix) http://soundcloud.com/feierkindrecords/2-oliver-edwards-sintflut-mesu
Oliver Edwards – Sintflut (Italianbeat Guys Remix) http://soundcloud.com/italianbeatguys/oliver-edwards-sintflut
Oliver Edwards – Sintflut (Mr. Cashmere Remix) http://soundcloud.com/feierkindrecords/4-oliver-edwards-sintflut-mr

BEATPORT: http://www.beatport.com/release/sintflut-ep/880759
Relase in other stores: 28. March 2012

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://oliveredwardsmusic.com/
SOUNDCLOUD ARTIST: http://soundcloud.com/oliveredwards
SOUNDCLOUD LABEL: http://soundcloud.com/feierkindrecords