View Full Version : Track ID, please and thank you.

09-17-2014, 09:48 PM

I woke up this morning and heard a glorious tune playing from a car's stereo through my apartment window. I never heard this song before but could tell it was a new, well produced house type song. I scoured the web for the entire day but to no avail, tried Google, local radio station playlists and XM radio's BPM playlist, nothing. This is driving me crazy and has sidetracked my studies, hence me reaching out here.

So here are some clues:
- new(ish) type house song
- good productions
- chill, not upbeat
- female vocals
- lyrics I vaguely remember, " I'm over nights like this (these?) x3 ... what you want, I got it x3 "

I'm kicking myself for not recording it or Shazam'ing it, but I was too entranced to do so unfortunately.
Well, I hope this works. Thanks.