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Komplex Sounds
09-11-2014, 07:54 AM


Fausto - Push The Button

Exclusive Release Date: 29-Sep-2014 (Beatport)
Global Release Date: 13-Oct-2014 (All Stores)
Label: ElecTrixNozE
Cat No: KSX198

Hard Dance legend Fausto is back with an amazing hybrid tune, beautifully blending big room house and hard trance into what will quickly become a legendary track, remembered for years. A gorgeous melody greets you at the opening of this track, only to be stripped away and dropped into a phat kick that only says one thing: Big. After the equally huge breakdown comes, what has to be, one of the dirtiest drops in the history of big room house. A perfect track for those who want to play a harder, higher speed set, but still want that amazing big room sound.