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Dr. Drum gives you access to a 16 track sequencer, a full twelve pad drum kit, a 4 octave keyboard, and a library of premade beats for you to mix. The sequencer has many advanced features such as pan effect, mix, tone, and volume adjustments. The keyboard has sounds from guitars to brass to allow you the opportunity to create a truly unique composition.
Additionally Dr. Drum allows you to import your own sounds to create truly unique beats. This beat making program uses .wav files instead of mp3s, which they claim offers a huge increase in sound quality. This is vitally important when you are attempting to create professional quality sounds for recording or performing. Dr. Drum is also integrated with YouTube, which makes sharing your creations through social media is a breeze.
Initial Reaction
Dr. Drum is a program with a well designed and intuitive layout. This means you wonít get bogged down with all the technical jargon and confusing buttons and tools. While some believe that when you sacrifice technical difficulty you sacrifice quality, but with Dr. Drum you get the best of both worlds.
Almost immediately from the time you download Dr. Drum you can get right down to business letting your musical genius shine. The wealth of tones you have to work with at the beginning is almost mind boggling.
You could sit and play for hours and still not even come close to exhausting the possibilities. Add to that the capability to upload your own sounds and you have unlimited creative potential at your fingertips.
Dr. Drum Sample Beat Video
A sample of a sick beat made using the Dr Drum beat making software!
1. The utilization of .wav files over MP3 files has to be Dr. Drumís best weapon. The sound quality is excellent.
2. Dr. Drum is easy to use and comes with a lifetime license, meaning you donít have to pay for any future updates or upgrades to the original software.
3. Dr. Drum comes pre loaded with a huge library of beats and sounds to get your juices flowing.
1. Contrary to some of their advertising, Dr. Drum wonít automatically turn you into a beat superstar. You must bring some musical ability and industry knowledge into the mix.
2. While itís true that the software doesnít have the same kind of learning curve as some of the industry standard software, it wonít literally do the work for you. Instead you must think of Dr. Drum as a powerful and affordable conduit for your pre-existing musical ability.
All in all Dr. Drum is an amazing investment for the up and coming musician. It makes laying down beats a snap, it provides numerous opportunities to remain creative and authentic, and unlike some of the other big contenders out there, it comes with a reasonable price tag.

While it can't make up for a complete lack of musical talent, Dr. Drum will provide you with all the tools you need to showcase your abilities and make them clean, fresh, and marketable. Unlike freeware which can often be riddled with viruses as well as lacking in some key features, Dr. Drum remains affordable while giving you the security and quality of a professional program.
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