View Full Version : Trance Through the Forest - looking for trance remixes! (Download stems & MIDI)

Ben Landis
03-15-2012, 10:07 AM

This is Through the Forest, a track off my recent album Adventures in Pixels (http://soundcloud.com/benlandis/sets/adventures-in-pixels/). I've been getting requests from people who want to do remixes, so I've put together a package of audio stems and MIDI.

Here's a direct link to a .ZIP containing everything. (http://benlandis.com/through-the-forest-remix-stems-midi.zip)

Visit this SoundCloud set (http://soundcloud.com/benlandis/sets/through-the-forest-remix-stems) for more info (as well as for individual stem files). And submit all finished remixes to this dedicated group: Through the Forest Remixes (http://soundcloud.com/groups/through-the-forest-remixes)

I put a lot of work into making the original track the way I wanted, but there are tons of ways to remix Through the Forest so it appeals to different listeners. Due to the offbeat appeal of chiptune, your additions could make the track more suitable for trance and other EDM audiences, meaning it's quite possible for you to make a far more popular version of this song!

Be creative and take the music where you'd like. Through the Forest wants to be remixed in your signature style.