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03-15-2012, 07:19 AM
Section 8 Dub presents...

OK, Incept, Kexx - Sorrow Meets Chaos

Russian born `Igor Chekmarev` is OK. His debut song `Sorrow` is a jump into the the deep
end of Dub Step. Punchy beats and the airy feel to the beginning leaves you no inclination
of the chaos to come. Whirling, zippy beats and breaks. Though dark and intense it has
such a stark element of light. One minute drifting and floating. The next sensory
overload. So much happens within the tune, you hardly know if you`re coming or going. But
it works. Such a perfect balance of dark and light we love it.

B side `Chaos` is the debut song a collaboration from Russian artist`s `Incept` and
`Kexx`. On first impression `Chaos` is damn right. But far from chaotic this tune has a
clever use of light and dark. The deep menacing intro doesn`t even begin to let you in on
the hard, militant barrage of sounds bombarding you from the outset. But then you`re taken
away by the light, airy breaks. Which only serve to intensify the onslaught of wonderfully
dirty beats. Another ingenious tune with such a great balance of light and dark which will
leave any hardcore nosebleed Dubstepper wanting more.

LABEL: Section 8 Dub
ARTIST: OK, Incept, Kexx
TITLE: Sorrow Meets Chaos
GENRE: Dubstep / Dubstep / Dubstep
RELEASE DATE: 2012-02-15

OK - Sorrow (Original Mix) (http://www.section8recs.com/cat/SECTION8DUB042D)

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