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01-21-2014, 04:51 PM
Hi, My name is Jim. I have been working on turntables since the mid 70s and work on everything from the 1200s to record players from the 40s and 50s. In light of recent changes in the Technics line, they ain't makin' them anymore, the price of spare parts is going through the roof. Most notably the tonearms. So when someone jams a bearing the price to replace the tonearm is just nuts!
So, I have been sitting at my bench now for about 6 weeks and have come up with a replacement bearing system that is actually better than the original bearings and will not break nearly as easily as the original bearings.
Most commonly it's the horizontal bearing or bearings that get buggered up. You can still find vertical bearing replacements on eBay, see link below, but until now, the only fix for the horizontal bearings was replace the tonearm. Someone on YouTube shows you how to "possibly" dismantle the bearing, straighten the bearing cup, and reassemble the bearing. Believe me, I have tried this. The success rate was about 1 out of 50. My new system retrofits a new bearing. A bearing that out performs the original bearing, hands down.
Now, I'm not about to share in detail how I accomplish this, but I am going to offer my services to those who would like to save a whole lot of money and improve their table performance. In almost every case I can save you money over the cost of replacing the entire tonearm. I've seen new tonearms selling for over $200.00. I'll save you money whether you send my just the tonearm or send the whole table.
Contact me and I will be happy to give you details. Don't replace the whole tonearm just because of a screwed-up bearing. Hope to hear from you soon.
Jim Alltop
No Enterprises