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01-15-2014, 10:24 PM
How is Disney doing this? Lasers, projectors, I'm guessing they have some uplighting going on but how to they make the scenes?


01-15-2014, 10:37 PM

Disney Does Castle Projection Right

Oh yeah, when it comes to the Mouse, nobody does well-conceived, well-executed large-scale projection like Disney. They have started running a nightly show called “The Magic, Memories, and You” which features images captured daily by Disney’s PhotoPass photographers – the people who ask you to stop so they can take your picture – and projected on to Cinderella Castle in a show set to music.

In the past (or from any other producer) one would expect this to be just a straight-up “happy face” video montage. Not so with the Disney world folks. As usual, they go over the top. Through the use of animation from 16 different projectors, the castle’s turrets spin, vines wind up its walls, and flames engulf it, all while photos dance across the facade. I can’t reliably state exactly which projectors they are but word on the street is 16 of the Christie Digital 20k DLP (strategically placed around the surrounding buildings) with all the content being managed through Green Hippo’s Hippotizer HD with Uberpan. The whole castle will have had to have been digitally mapped to ensure a truly 3D projection on its facade. Animators would then make the story boards come to life, creating the slots for 500 photos from that day in the park. The 500 photos are hand-selected and cropped, but a computer ultimately decides which photo goes into which slot in the show.