View Full Version : Best ways to use sound active mode on Chauvet EZMiN Laser FX?

01-15-2014, 09:29 PM
Hi all,

My friend is having some trouble getting the sound active mode on one of these Chauvet lasers to work well, even with a speaker placed at a close distance to the unit. It seems that it needs to be set to a high sensitivity to really do anything useful, but it's so sensitive that it picks up the sound of the unit's cooling fan once it kicks in. I'm not even sure what frequencies it's reacting to, whether it works well with background noise or not, etc. We are going to be running the unit in a medium-sized school gymnasium with the speakers placed far away, is sound active a viable bet for this unit or should we just stick to program mode?

We're using the laser not in a DJ scenario actually, it's being used in a small performance and will have power sent to it using a remote trigger.

I haven't had much experience with lighting, so any help would be appreciated!

01-31-2014, 08:11 AM
sounds like something isn't working right with either the internal mic itself, or the sensitivity knob. Can you control it via DMX, and make it work that way? or does it have any built in programs you like that you can set it to, so that when you supply power to it, it'll do that programmed effect?