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11-20-2013, 11:26 AM
We have been working along side / working with another production company over the last 18 months and last week launched a new site http://www.londoneventrentals.co.uk now i am not that great when it comes to web stuff but the company we have been working with seem to have a good idea :) I am just after some feedback if possible and any pros and cons you can think off. The design / layout / web stuff is nothing to do with us and most the events they have worked on were wayyy before us (We are involved mainly due to our large stock of sound & lighting equipment to be fair while they just do the event production side of things.... seems to be working well and hence the site lol

Any feedback would be great, thanks guys :)

11-25-2013, 04:51 PM
Looks awesome double check all your spelling it looks like you spelled versatile incorrect on the led starlight page. Very nice showcase of your abilities though. impressive lighting design.

Jamie D Music
11-25-2013, 05:45 PM
What a fantastic website with some stunning images. If they are all images of your work then bespoke is an understatement. Truly fantastic to the eye and it deserves a website that can show it off. As someone who has written websites I want to help out so I looked through it and there are two important points from the homepage. First is a line that is too local to make it good sales copy for a website and that is:

whether they be weddings or festivals

This should be:

whether they are weddings or festivals

I know it's a minor thing but when your page can be seen by billions you need to play the game and standardise language. There is also another error where the developer has missed out an entire word.

which can lead to problems arising later down the.

They have missed out the word 'line' and this requires serious talks with your web designers. If you are paying someone to write an ecommerce website for you then they need to be up to the task and this is not payment worthy service. I know we all make mistakes and that is why when I was writing websites I would proof read it when uploading it to a server.

I've read the sourcecode too (which anyone can do by right clicking a web page and selecting the option to View Source) and there are scripting errors from start to finish in particular using multiple closure tags in a row which is a sign of bad programming. If you are paying a company a monthly fee to host and maintain your website you need to be kicking arse right now. Bad use of tags from the outset is not a disaster for a website, especially one that doesn't have ecommerce built in but it's never good practice.