View Full Version : Halloween House Party with Circus mini review

11-01-2013, 04:05 AM
Kind of exhausted now, just got home from doing a Halloween house party. No biggie, played Top 40 and threw in some
House...anyways with house parties I find less is more. I brought only 4 lights---two TriDisc 9 uplights by Eliminator---very bright 2w X 9
LEDS that rival many others that cost more, and I used two Chauvet Circus 2.0.

The Circus' were attached to a T bar that I modified--(OK, I just cut them) so only two fixtures can be used. They are then mounted on
speaker tripods. Bad thing about speaker tripods is that they don't elevate very high. Good thing about speaker tripods is that they
fit nicely in tripod cases by Arriba. A good thing if space is limited in your vehicle.

I was lucky because the Fed Ex guy delivered my second Circus 2.0 today so I was anxious about using two together. Here are the pros and cons about having two of them.

1. looks great and very active =A
2. some vendors are selling w/ the tiny wireless remote at almost MAP of the Circus alone=A+
3. improved mounting bracket than the Circus 1=A+
4. remote controls blackout, sound active, auto, strobe=A
5. the remote is good if you don't want to spool out the DMX cables=A+

1. Can't use the remote to keep it on one color and the unit doesn't have that function anymore either
2. Strobe is annoying and goes too fast, looks more like someone turned on a light
3. Sound active mode is a dud, compared to AUTO.

Anyways getting back to what I stated, sometimes less is more. As with the Circus 2.0, its 2 lights in one
and nobody got tired of it, since its very active. The strobe though not my favorite, is easy to turn on
with the remote and anytime you can use blackout on standby is great. Its a feature usually reserved by
pulling out the DMX, and lately I am getting tired of doing that.

Here's a pic of the lights. I was going to take some pics tonight of the lights and people dancing but I just remembered the privacy clause,
which is---you can't publish pics of people at a private function without their authorization. Last week some
mother was going to sue facebook for using her kids photos, ugh.