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DJ Chief
03-05-2012, 06:26 PM
DJ Chief, here. I started cutting in the early 80's, inspired by Grand Wizard Theodore, Cool Herc, Jam Master Jay, and DJ Cash Money. I started by ruining a cheap component stereo using the volume slider as a fader after I saw a friend use a cheap Realistic mixer on a similar stereo. I progressed quickly, and he gave me the mixer. I found a P.O.S. turntable somewhere, defeated the suspended platform the platter rode on, and went to work. I used this setup for years and even recorded with it. My group's demise was typical showbiz BS which ended in our music being used by established acts and backdoor foolishness that left us high and dry. But here I am years later; married, children, dogs and a career, when lo and behold I came across a friend selling his equipment. Chief is back! :) I am old school, strictly vinyl at this point and that's because I just can't fit a DVS in my budget at present. I'm here to spend time with like minded individuals, share, and learn.

DennisBdrmDJ 2.0
03-05-2012, 06:40 PM
Welcome to DJ Forum! :D I'm tired of being the only old man on here.:lol: Welcome.