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03-05-2012, 05:45 PM
I am not big on pawn shops for gear... I have sold to them out of desperation when I was younger but really was always scared to buy from them. Anyways, I was in a shop a few blocks from my house today selling some old jewelry (which I got a good deal on). Before I left I went to look at their audio stuff and saw a pretty good slection. Technics 1200 CD Player, Behringer DJM Knock-off, CDJ 850, mixers, old as hell CDJ 500, just to name a few. I came across a VCI 300 MKII in their display case. It looked brand spakin new and the sticker said software and box in back. The price on the sticker was $499.99. I was then greeted by an employee and asked to look at the VCI. She got it out and I informed her I could buy this brand new for the exact same price at many retailers. She had me to up front with her she looked it up and noticed I was correct (Duh). She gave offered to take $100 off, I am not in the market right now so I kindly left. Pawn Shops are in it for the money, but luckily this place was willing to listen to me and give a fair price.

Maybe I'll go back in a few months and if its still there I'll try and get it down to $300 LOL

03-06-2012, 09:05 AM
If you wanted a VCI-300mk2, you should have bought one a couple of months ago when they where selling them for $499 and threw in the VFX-1 effects processor for free. You may want to go back there and see if they also have the VFX-1. 400 bux is still a good deal for a used brand new in the box VCI. If they where willing to go to $400, they will do $350 in a month or so, if it is still there. The reason pawn shops sell stuff kind of high is because anybody with bad credit could go in there and put what ever they want on layaway and pay it off slowly. I buy lots of stuff at pawn shops. The best way is to get the best deal is to have cash in hand and offer them half of what they are asking. I bought my Urei 1620 mixer at a pawn shop in Dallas for $200, which is the deal of the century.

03-06-2012, 10:05 AM
These decks are pretty hard wearing as I own one myself with the vfx-1 so if the funds do come up,I'd defo recommend getting one.If you wanna have fun with it though you kinda do need the vfx-1 to go with it.
Very sneeky on Vestax part i think.but it worked coz I got on.lol

03-16-2012, 12:02 AM
Even Guitar Center is selling the 300mkIIs for $500 brand new now, and the rebate to get the VFX-1 for free is still going on (I can link you the form if you need). I just got mine a few days ago and I love it! A fantastic alternative to my decks when I want to be (a lot) more mobile.

03-16-2012, 01:20 AM
Ive got some mint stuff at pawn shops before. About a year ago I was able to buy a coffin w/ a mint 1200 M3d and mint 1210 M5g w/ a cheap 2 channel mixer (kinda fun to play around with) all for $800. Sold the M3d for $350, sold the coffin for $100, I have the mixer laying around but I will put that up for sale soon. After I sell the mixer and add everything up I basically bought a mint M5G for around $250 :)

I'm sure they'll be happy to sell for $300 if its still laying around next month

03-16-2012, 12:51 PM
It looked brand spakin new and the sticker said software and box in back. The price on the sticker was $499.99...
Some pawn shops actually sell new gear they get from a legitimate rep in the area. If this is one of those pawn shops and this is totally new gear, then you have very little room to move in price. But if this was taken in on pawn and they're selling it for $500, then they probably have about $150 or so in it. They need to make a little money on the deal, so it's fair to start your offer at $200.

If they just took it in, you might also have a hard time getting the price down. Some of the more corporate pawn shops keep inventory tags on items and have to refresh them every month. I've found that lots of these stores just put a new sticker over the old one, and that's a great way of determining if the item has been in the shop for a while.

Also, don't be afraid of bringing something in to trade and sweeten the pot. Often pawn shops are more willing to do trade because there is a chance they can sell the trade item for more money than you took in trade.

03-17-2012, 08:54 AM
Bought my SL1 and an M3D from a pawn shop. They also had a 6/10 M5G that another djforum member bought after I told him. Non of the stuff I bought were in 'Mint' condition. But $290 for a M3D?! and $380 for the SL1... I couldn't go wrong and this was 2 years ago. The M3D is running fine and have yet to have problems with my SL1.
Pawn shops can be hit or miss but you have the ability to haggle the price unlike going to a Retail store selling used gear where they never allow haggling. As for the VCI300... waiting could be beneficial but at the same time someone might just grab it especially for $100 off.