View Full Version : F/S F/T 60GB Backwards Comp. PS3 W/Extras, Turntables, Mixer and Nixon "Player" Watch

DJ D'Construcz
02-29-2012, 02:38 PM
I have the following items for trade for a nice set (2) of turntables. Tables must be Direct Drive, and in good working condition. Let me make it clear that I am OPEN TO ALL OFFERS but I am specifically looking for Stanton Str8-150s. Technics. (Stanton T.62b's with a mixer OR any Kontrol unit OR Maschine unit OR MIDI Fighter unit OR Speakers (Powered or Passive).) Also will trade individual or multiple items for Kontrol, Maschine, MIDI Fighters. Also Looking for cash offers as well. Whatevers clever :D For any really good deals I may be willing to put cash on top of the trade. Or vice versa half trade-half cash on your end. Feel free to email me at Edge.Of.Tranquility@gmail.com or text 386-314-3943 for pix and info. Thanks for checking it out.

PS3 60GB Backwards Compatible (WIFI, Bluetooth, HDMI) One Six Axis controller, and three games (Assa. Creed 2, COD:WOW, Crazy Taxi) $250

Nixon "The Player" Watch Stainless Steel/Black Face. Water resistant to a decent depth, real diamond in the face. $135

Two Numark TT1610's (2 months old) $125 for the pair

One Numark IM1 2-channel Mixer Phono/line/Ipod Input $35