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Adare Bear
02-27-2012, 11:06 AM
Hey guys, my dj name's adare bear and I live in northern kentucky which isn't but 20 min away from cincy. I mainly mix elctronic music, dubstep/house/hard dance kinda stuff, but recently i've kinda started my new project of dubing some of my favorite hip hop tracks. Soon i'm looking to get into a denon mc-6000 and some type of vinyl player, use the denon for my beats (dub) and the vinyl for the pure lyrical awesomeness. I'm not all that familiar with vinyl so any tips/tricks (links) on what to get or just a simple run down on djing vinyle would be much much appreciated! I'll put up a few of my soundcloud links so you guys can get a taste of what exactly I do, as always P.L.U.R and enjoy the music!


Dirty 30-30:

The "Rap"step: