View Full Version : FREE DOWNLOAD: Lukkas - Emotional Runner [FF00]

Freima Labs
04-27-2013, 01:18 PM

LISTEN & FREE DOWNLOAD HERE! (https://soundcloud.com/freimalabs/ff00-lukkas-emotional-runner-original-mix?in=freimalabs/sets/ff-freima-free")

Soon after slapping you on the right cheek with its first commercial release – the compilation “Weather Forecast” – Freima Labs joyfully slaps you on the left cheek with the reckless delivery of Freima Free – a new immoral collection of insomnious tracks and impassioned releases, signed under a Creative Commons licence, and available for free download.

Whatever the cause and consequence, Freima Free is out there – in there – a rampant creative impulse craving to be shared by future rebels engaged in musical action. This first free release features one of Lukkas’ most technologically emotive tracks – “Emotional Runner”. Download it, share it, delete it, make love to it under the moonlight: see if we care bitch.