View Full Version : Flight Case request and advice on making hard and heavy light and easy?

04-27-2013, 05:17 AM
Hi All,

I have a Toyota Hiace van very happy with it and its great for getting gear in and out. BUT SOMETIMES Iam stuck by myself moving HEAVY gear in & out. I can move it but in a few more years I dont know if I can iam getting OLD!!! Easy ways to getting things especially flight cases in a van alone? Tail lifter, ramps seem to difficult any ideas appreciated.

OK so the LED bars BLIZZARD Toughsticks what flight case could be used to carry say 4 at a time. They are not all that big and could probably go into a Standard DJ coffin but the coffins are very heavy and seem somewhat not for this? I dont build my own cases (SHOOT ME NOW!) i did spot some nice Aluminium trolleys for like $12.00 I thought About buying two and then fabricating some sort of case that is permanently attached to it so they can just stand up and be wheeled around. ANY IDEAS appreciated.

i also have a bunch of Battery Puck/par can lights the thin ones any great ideas on carrying 8-10 of those