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04-22-2013, 03:38 PM


01. Night (Original Mix)
02. Night (Farbio Florido Remix)
03. Night (Beeswax Remix)
04. Night (Art Of Hot Remix)


Alessandro: Fabio Florido remix for me, great release !
Chris Lake: Digging the Fabio Florido remix. V cool
D-Phrag: Beeswax and Fabio for me
Daniel Greenx: nice! will try it, thank you!
Danny F: Nice Ep thx
Dj Ela: coole Mucke :-) YEAH!
Dj Fady Ferraye: nice
DJ George F: Downloading for George F - check [Only registered and activated users can see links. Click here to register]
for track listening. Thank you!
Dj Harv: Really feeling the Fabio Florido remix with the tight bounce...all mixes good and will support on SKR and Radioactive
Dj Siasia: thanks
Domshe: Very good remixes!! I will play all of them!
Dub Mechanics: Art Of Hot mix for me!!
Dylan Rhymes: Original mix is great! Big Tribal Tech sound. Will play this
Emilijano: "Nice Stuff, Fabio Florido Remix is my fav !
Erik Eriksson: thanx
fabricio roma: original for me ! thanks
Filth & Splendour: cool package
Forest People: Very nice indeed. Support!
Frank Horn: original is my fav
Glen Friscia: love all 4 mixes...this is on fire...full support
GMK Gare: Dynamic beats here
Grunjah: just amazing! my faves here are original mix and fabio's rework
Itzaia: Big Release!!!
Jay Kaufman: Fabio Florido's remix for me.
Joe Kendut: full support!!! 10
Josh Bartoli: yeahh Beeswax Remix for me! downloading thx!
Larson Shepherd, DI FM: Fabio Florido Remix and Beeswax Remix for me, support!
Lazy Bug: Original for me! Thanks for promo!
Marc Dawson: Beeswax is the bees knees!!
Markus Schulz: Thank you. Downloading for Markus.
Max Freegrant: Original for me!
Mistique Records: thanks...downloading!
Noise Anderson: downloading thanks
Oliver Morgenroth: fabio floridos version is great! beeswax rmx also cool
Pincode: Support!
Renzo Marini: (Original Mix) for me !! Thx
Sasha Le Monnier: serious bouncy peak time groove from Beeswax, nice work
Siberian Voice: nice work!
Sisko Electrofanatik: full support
Spartaque: Full Support
Stefano Lotti: Thank you!
Vid Marjanovic: Beeswax Remix sounds fine. thx
Vinayak A.: original is cool.. thanks .
Volt & Vintage: fabio florido remix is a bomb
Wade Bennett: good stuff thanks
Worda: For me fabio florido remix... heavy ride

04-22-2013, 03:38 PM
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