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04-17-2013, 09:45 AM

//////// MTHE014 - Luca Bernabei - Brio Verb - MothLab Recordings
Artist: Luca Bernabei
Title: Brio Verb
Label: MothLab Recordings
Format: Digital
Release date: APR 13 2012

///////// Tracklist
1. Luca Bernabei - Brio Verb (Original Mix)
2. Luca Bernabei - Quiet Verb (Original Mix)

///////// Release info
“Brio Verb” includes two tracks, one Techno and one Tech-House. The production process has been dealing with a careful research of sound balances worked on two opposed stages.
“Brio Verb” represents upset conditions, the perfect sound for the wildest techno dance floors. “Quiet Verb” pictures the state of rest, it mainly recreates beats for shrewd crowds.

///////// Listen Here

///////// Feedbacks
Richie Hawtin (Minus): downloaded for r hawtin
Luciano (Cadenza): Thanks for the music, downloading for Luciano
Joe T Vannelli (Slave To The Rhythem): downloading for joe t vannelli
Marco Carola (Music On): downloading for marco carola, thanks
Paco Osuna: downloaded thanks :)
Joy Kitikonti (Neurotraxx, Whist, Start): Quite Verb!
Sossa (Circoloco ): nice..
Lenny Ibizarre (DJ Awards): Nice!
Benji Candelario: Good Groove!!
Mario Rybansky (Dance One Radio): good
Sezer Uysal aka Spennu (MOS, Loco Records): may try this one, thanks !
Markus Schulz (Coldharbour | GDJB): Thank you. Downloading for Markus.
Olderic : Great tools! Love them, definately will be playing! Big up :)
Pablo Pellegrini (Plus 8): nice ep!
Anderson Noise: downloading thanks
Kai Limberger (Autark Records): nice
Marc Vedo: download marc vedo, thanks.
Summer (Tulipa/Mo's Ferry/Monique): Quiet Verb is nice thanks
Essential deLuxe: Cool release
Deep South Audio/VolcanoRadio/Pulzar FM: Quiet verb for me thanks, nice groover with a tight tech edged beat ... Scott D'Souza (taMe & Collider): Will test...thx for sending.
Edgar De Ramon (Kiara / Inmotion / Mindshake): downloading thanks :)
Hippie Torrales: Quiet Verb has an interesting groove.
Gabriel Marchisio (Cancun Records): Thanks Wll Try Out
Plastic Lounge (Radio-FDS): playing!
Beatportlovers.com: Will support on our wall
Sonny D: Quiet Verb is great.
Pluginzine.com: Considering for review
Damaged Man: Great release!Full Support!my favorite track is Quiet Verb!!!
Catope: nod bad release, solid rollin vives. Support
Illich Mujica: Both killer bombs! Will support and play these on my live gigs for sure!!!
Bryant Autrey: I definitely love the fullness in this release! The atmosphere is amazing, great tunes!
Negk: NIce release!
Spin Diva: Great releases both!!
Gil Kuruneri (NOSI Music): brio verb for me, thanks!
Lenko Tlyar: Quiet Verb for me. The bass rolls very nicely for a long deep set.
and many more!

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