View Full Version : Who's got some CUMBIA for me

04-12-2013, 10:50 PM
Maybe it's teh alcohol but I am jammin out to some rando stuff right now lol

Here's the song right moew (obv not the best cumbia evar invented):


Hit me up with some stuff guyz :tup:

Also listening to some track called 'el a o viejo' by 'la luz ruja' but caint find it on teh youtubez :eek:

moyo wilde
04-15-2013, 04:15 AM
probably just the alcohol:lol:

i do play these in some deep house/tech house sets, goes over well:



edit: the best part of that song for me is the trumpet player, his singing isn't bad and the trumpet solo was cool i could do with out the rest. all the hip hoppy stuff seemed a little cornball and old (can't even call it retro).

04-15-2013, 08:49 AM
I'm into the trippy stuff :)

Frente Cumbeiro has a great album mixed by The Mad Professor that's cumbia dub :tup:


also, check out Ondatropica, a collaboration between Will Holland from Quantic and Mario Galeano from Frente Cumbeiro

digging into my 45's, a big favourite is Aillacara 2743 'Cumbia Chacarera' on Names You Can Trust - total beast of a bassline. Also, Greenwood Rhythm Coalition 'Cumbia Kikutchi', and Doctor Stereo 'La Cumbia Perdida'.