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04-01-2013, 02:24 PM
Thoughtless Music (http://thoughtlessmusic.com) presents...


TLM077: Noah Pred - Loss for Words (http://www.beatport.com/release/loss-for-words/1053206)
With Tim Xavier and Hrdvsion remixes

After debuting his False Image project with Tom Clark on Get Physical, Pred returns home to Thoughtless for his first solo release of 2013. On Loss for Words, thick analog bass provides the backdrop for a mosaic of hypnotic vocal snippets that for all their abstraction still manage to pull off an absorbing narrative, supported firmly by Noah's robust drum programming and peripheral atmospherics. Tim Xavier returns to the label with a remix that begins drenched in tense ambience and submerged with an undertow of lumbering rhythms, twisting Pred's FM synth work into a tide that finally breaks with the beat's arrival midway through. Meanwhile, fellow Canadian ex-pat Hrdvsion turns in a monstrous breakbeat rework that builds a new hook from the smoldering ashes of the original, ominous bass and expansive pads combining to elicit the strongest elements of classic electro while remaining distinctly fresh; in turn, his Boomboom version retains an identical arrangement while swapping the rhythms for a standard 4/4 pattern. Finally, Left Unsaid sets its pace with interlocking chords, working an intricately processed vocal phrase atop a bass-heavy mix that spills over with creative percussion. While Pred may not be known for working with vocal samples, his ability to invoke a sense of drama through the intensely manipulated voices on offer leaves us at a loss for words...

01. Loss for Words
02. Loss for Words - Tim Xavier remix
03. Loss for Words - Hrdvsion Bbbbeat mix
04. Loss for Words - Hrdvsion Boomboom mix
05. Left Unsaid

Buy it now on BEATPORT (http://www.beatport.com/release/loss-for-words/1053206) - but don't just take our word for it...

Really nice! LEE CURTISS, Visionquest

Original and Tim Xavier remix are amazing! I'll play both. Left Unsaid is really good too. BLACK STROBE, Playloud

Nice release, Xavier remix is my favorite. TROY PIERCE, Items & Things

Will play the original a lot!! CATZ'N'DOGZ, Dirtybird

Nice sounding release. KENNY GLASGOW, Art Department

Loss for Words is the one - original all the way. AUDIOFLY, Get Physical

Terrific package! I can imagine getting into all of these cuts. Exciting tunes. Thank you! HEARTTHROB, M-nus

I see Hrdvsion, I download. JIMMY EDGAR, Hotflush

Nice collection of stuff here! Originals and the remixes, too! AMBIVALENT, M-nus

Original mix is really cool - I'll play that, thanks. NATHAN BARATO, Rekids

I seem to love everything Hrdvision touches! JORI HULKONNEN, MFR

Bomb mix from Tim Xavier! ALAN FITZPATRICK, Drumcode

Cool. Can't wait to try this out. Support! JAMES WHAT, Crosstown Rebels

BIG BIG package - 'nuff said!! DEEPCHILD, Trapez

Great vibe again from Pred - the original's great and the Boombox mix is a torpedo!!! Fine release. SILICONE SOUL, Soma

Cool stuff, I like the Original and especially Tim's remix. Will play and chart. Thanks! MATHIAS SCHAFFHÄUSER, Ware

Really digging Noah's productions - love this, thanks! SLAM, Soma

Tim Xavier really nailed it. Again. J.PHLIP, Dirtybird

Cool stuff gents. BRETT JOHNSON, Visionquest

Really enjoyed this, will be playing this in the studio and dropping in mixes. THE BLACK DOG, Warp

Tim Xavier remix and Left Unsaid are my picks here! GHOSTSONTAPE, Icee Hot

Hrdvsion's Bbbbeat remix is pretty damn epic! JUSTIN MARTIN, Dirtybird

Great release! Everything here is awesome! ALLAND BYALLO, Bad Animal

Great EP - Left Unsaid & Hrdvsion mixes for me! PATRICK ZIGON, Tanzbar

Thoroughly enjoying this release! The original mixes unfold so gracefully, beautifully rolling, real vibe makers. Thanks! ANA SIA, Frite Nite

Fun stuff. Loving the original. SOMEONE ELSE, Foundsound

Excellent release, will play and chart! ROLAND M. DILL, Traum

Nice selection of mixes; especially fond of the title track! Thanks. EELKE KLEIJN, Outside the Box

Loving Tim's remix; Left Unsaid is also a wicked tune. Nice work. ANDREW GRANT, DC10

The originals are ace. Loving the Hrdvsion mixes too. DJ THREE, Hallucination LTD.

Strangely enough I like the original tracks better than the remixes. Left Unsaid is my favorite - will support! ALAN OLDHAM, Tresor

Support - Left Unsaid! MIRO PAJIC, Items & Things

Loving the original mix. CHRIS FORTIER, Fade

Solid work all around, but Hrdvsion mixes are the ones for me! UNDO, Factorcity

Incredible!! Loving all tracks!!! MARCOS IN DUB, Fabrik

Loss for Words is a stunner, will be playing a lot - maybe my fave Pred track now, totally up my alley. I'm also feeling Hrdvsion mixes, not sure which beat I prefer yet. Nice work Thoughtless! RENNIE FOSTER, Transmat

Really dig Left Unsaid. STRYKE, Ovum

Really nice release!! Great Hrdvison action! J HUNSBERGER, Cynosure

Originals are great. REYNOLD, Trenton

DOPE. Love Left Unsaid and Tim's mix. Thanks! BRYAN ZENTZ, Plus8

Really like the originals and the Tim Xavier remix. ANDROID CARTEL, Adjunct

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