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03-22-2013, 09:25 PM
Thoughtless Music (http://thoughtlessmusic.com) presents...


TLM076: Canson - Don't Stop (http://www.beatport.com/release/dont-stop/1049984)
With Qzen and Murr remixes

Swiss artist Canson has earned a reputation for direct yet intricate live sets that ride the line between delicate craftsmanship and delirious abandon. Following recent releases on Cityfox and Katermukke, Canson arrives on Thoughtless with Don't Stop, a hypnotic yet sultry jaunt through minimalist deep house terrain. Playful organs form the basis of an effervescent atmosphere interlaced with disjointed vocals and nostalgic keys that conjure a wistful sense of immediacy on the lead track. Meanwhile, Berlin's Qzen strips things down with her Halt remix, adding her own vocal intonations and reducing the rhythm to bare essentials while somehow increasing the intensity; Toronto's Murr follows recent outings for New Kanada with a sprawling remix that merges raw instincts with cinematic scope. Rounding out the release, Grapefruit rides an insistent low end embroiled with shadowy synths, while Bleeding Stars takes cues from reverberant dub atmospheres without falling prey to sleepier tendencies, resulting in an expansive take on modern deep house. Expert sound design doesn't always equate to compelling aura, but on his Thoughtless debut, Canson displays his mastery of dance floor dynamic and studio technique in equal measure to which we say: don't stop...

01. Don't Stop
02. Don't Stop - Qzen Halt Mix
03. Don't Stop - Murr's Turn Off the Lights I Can't Sleep Edit
04. Grapefruit
05. Bleeding Stars

Buy it now on BEATPORT (http://www.beatport.com/release/dont-stop/1049984) - but don't just take our word for it...

Yes, Murr at it again on the remix - dig it. BASIC SOUL UNIT, Nonplus+

Great release, great mood, diggin' the Qzen remix and Bleeding Stars. MOSSA, Circus Company

Liking this - will try out, thanks! SLAM, Soma

Grapefruit and Bleeding Stars seems to be my favs here. PATRICK BATEMAN, Tic Tac Toe

Nice and easy - support! JOHN SELWAY, CSM

Some really cool stuff here. Really digging Bleeding Stars and the Murr edit. STRYKE, Ovum

Nice EP from start to finish. CHRIS FORTIER, Fade

Woohoo - great to hear a Qzen remix!! SACHA ROBOTTI, Dirtybird

Great release, love it. Full support. TOM CLARK, Highgrade

Murr's edit is cool. NILS HOFFMAN, Get Physical

Great release here. I love both originals and remixes. REYNOLD, Trenton

Nice tracks from Canson; my favs are Grapefruit and Bleeding Stars - thanks!!! JENS BOND, Highgrade

Smooth as a baby's bottom - nice niceness. Super lovely. DEEPCHILD, Trapez

Very talented indeed, impressive! NICK WARREN, Hope

Grrrrreeeeeeeaat! SIMINA GRIGORIU, Susumu

Love it! ELIE EIDELMAN, JackOff

Murr's mix and Bleeding Stars are great! TRIPMASTAZ, Plant 74

Grapefruit is so crazy trippy - love it!!! ROLAND M. DILL, Traum

A great moody package. Digging them all. ANDROID CARTEL, Adjunct

Superb release - another gem from Thoughtless that's going straight to our bags. SIGNAL DELUXE, Blaq

Really nice!! EDGAR DE RAMON, Mindshake

Take a listen and buy 'Don't Stop' on BEATPORT... (http://www.beatport.com/release/dont-stop/1049984)

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