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02-24-2012, 03:25 AM
Any ideas or suggestions? it needs to have 4 phono inputs BTW, 1 output is okay as i have an amp with extra outputs, also keep it cheap if possible, two cross faders would be a bonus also EFX, beat counters, VU meters etc. are irrelevant and not really wanted to be honest. Ideas on a postcard pls :love:

02-24-2012, 09:37 AM
4 phono inputs, that narrows it down a lot. the Ecler Nuo 4.0 would suit you well I think. If you want to spend a bit more the Xone 92 and 62 also have 4 phono inputs. Not sure what you mean with 2 crossfaders?
There aren't all that many mixers with 4 phono inputs, if you really want to hook up 4 TT's to a mixer as cheap as possible, buy something like the American Audio Q-2411 (about 120 euros or something) and an extra Phono preamp from Behringer, they cost like 20 euros. along with the mixer thats less than 150 euros. can't get any cheaper than that. Mind you, you're going to miss out on build quality, EQs, VU's, sound etc etc etc. the Nuo 4.0 is the better choice IMO

02-24-2012, 10:56 AM
So I was bored at work, do some research and made a list of 4 chanel mixers with 4 phono imputs.

ecler nuo 4.0
denon mx1700
xone 92
xone 62
rane 68
vestax 580pro
vestax pmc 50a
korg zero 4

As you want it to keep it cheep as posible and don't care about effects I will say the ecler nuo 4.0 will be your best option. You can't go wrong with that one. Also there is someone selling a korg zero 4 on the sales section here on DJF you might want to check that one.