View Full Version : American Audio HP550 Review

DJ Riddims
02-23-2012, 12:27 PM
If your looking to buy some backup headphones or on a tight budget here is a review of American Audio's latest headphone

What it comes with
Headphones (obviously)
” tip
Right angle ” tip
Carrying pouch

First thing I noticed when using them was the overbearing bass. The mids and highs are not very crisp and sound slightly compressed. If you use percussive instruments to beatmatch you will find yourself tweaking the eqs to beatmatch accurately. They can get loud without distorting at a decent volume.

They have some isolation but it is nothing special.

The headphone cord is non-detachable. The thick headband feels like it is stuffed with foam and 2 very thin slices of cardboard. I am pretty confident I could crush the headband by holding it with too much grip so be careful when stuffing it into your gig bag. The joints are plastic but seem durable.

There is a great deal of soft padding on the headband but the ear pads feel a little stiff against your head.

In my opinion the design is decent. It slightly resembles the Pioneer HDJ-1000. They come in three colors green, white and red which are bland.

Overall they are a decent pair of backup headphones. For only $50 bucks the get the job done. There greatest downfall in my opinion is the flimsy feeling you get when holding the headband.