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03-04-2013, 11:03 PM
Thoughtless Music (http://thoughtlessmusic.com) presents...


TLM075: Deepchild - I Woke and You Were Smiling (http://www.beatport.com/release/i-woke-and-you-were-smiling/1042501)
With Falko Brocksieper, Alland Byallo, Frank Martiniq and Weitone remixes

The follow-up single from Deepchild's riveting 2012 full-length, Neukölln Burning, needs little introduction; along with a remastered version optimized for club system output, the package includes a selection of remixes from some of Berlin's most respected producers. A legend in his own right, Falko Brocksieper returns to Thoughtless with his first remix for us since mending Repair on TLM005. Following his recent full-length on Treibstoff, he embellishes the core groove with hypnotic bells and insistent chords that draw towards a distant sunrise. The first of two remixes from San Francisco transplant and Bad Animal boss Alland Byallo comes under his Weitone guise, busting out a pulsating late night stomper that works the low end into submission with addictive throb. Boxer Recordings alumnus Frank Martiniq follows up releases for Curle and Stroboscopic Artifacts with provocatively skewed rhythms and the sort of finely crafted sound design he's built his career on. Closing out the collection, Byallo delivers an appropriately organic yet unrelenting mix that perfectly embodies a morning under the willows at Berlin's legendary Club der Visionaëre. Regardless how much you may or may not remember of the night before, it would seem difficult not to wake up with a smile after the kind of time envisioned by Deepchild and his Berlin comrades in all the mixes here...

01. I Woke and You Were Smiling
02. I Woke and You Were Smiling - Falko Brocksieper Remix
03. I Woke and You Were Smiling - Weitone Remix
04. I Woke and You Were Smiling - Frank Martiniq Remix
05. I Woke and You Were Smiling - Alland Byallo's Eggs Over CDVEasy Mix

Buy it now on BEATPORT (http://www.beatport.com/release/i-woke-and-you-were-smiling/1042501) - but don't just take our word for it...

Wow, spacey and trippy all the way. Love this! ADAM BEYER, Mad Eye

Byallo's mix is deeeep. I like the original too. Thanks! MACEO PLEX, Ellum

Wonderful atmospheric release. Love it. STEPHAN BODZIN, Systematic

Cool release. SHLOMI ABER, Be As One

Original, Falko, Weitone and Alland's mixes sound sweet. Fat release. Thank you for the music. JOEL MULL, Truesoul

Frank and Falko remixes for me! Thanks. JONAS KOPP, Curle

Nice Falko remix! DUSTIN ZAHN, Enemy

As usual, quality and style from Deepchild. PIG & DAN, Cocoon

Awesome release - all mixes are dope. CARLO LIO, Sci+Tec

Franq Martiniq and Alland Byallo mixes are great. SASHA, Renaissance

Original is pure dope. ECHOLOGIST, Steadfast

Byallo's mix does my head in, in a good way! PEZZNER, Freerange

Great package - thanks! BROTHERS' VIBE, Bangbang

Nice package here! JUSTIN BERKOVI, Trapez

Support - thanks, I like I like! ALEXI DELANO, Plus 8

The Frank Martiniq Remix is cool - will play it! FLORIAN MEINDL, Flash

Wicked release! TIM XAVIER, Upon.You

Support - I'll try all of them. Like the diversity. HEARTTHROB, Minus

Great mixes! Falko's remix is my fave. Thanks! NIMA KHAK, Drumcode

Falko Brocksieper remix! DAN BERKSON & JAMES WHAT, Pokerflat

Good stuff thanks, loving the Byallo remix too. RIVA STARR, Made to Play

Thanks for the tunes - will try! SLAM, Soma

Amazing. Love the original and Alland's remix. GRENIER, Tectonic

Good stuff. Weitone and Frank's remixes are my faves. SOMEONE ELSE, Foundsound

I was always a fan of the original - love the bass line. Really digging Alland's mixes too. RED RACK'EM, Smugglers Inn

Falko Brocksieper remix is cool. WEHBBA, Tronic

Cool mixes. BENOIT CARRETIER, Tsugi

Great tracks. DAN DRASTIC, Moon Harbour

Pure awesome juice here. Support. JONNY CRUZ, No.19

Falko & Weitone remixes for me, thanks. KABALE & LIEBE, 100% Pure

Falko's mix is getting it. VINCE WATSON, Bio

Alland Byallo remix is nice and deep - I'll take two over CDVeasy please! ANDREW GRANT, Circoloco

Alland's remix is top notch - next level thing! TRIPMASTAZ, Plant 74

Thanks for the music, love it!!! EDGAR DE RAMON, Mindshake

Great mix from Falko, but the original takes the cake. Warm and addictive groove here. Thanks! TYLER STADIUS, Proton

Deep and dirty - will work well in steamy rooms. MURR, New Kanada

What a great package of moody grooves. All of them are great! ANDROID CARTEL, Adjunct

Really digging both the Frank Martiniq remix and the Falko Brocksieper remix as well. Ace! STRYKE, Plastic City

Full support. TIM BAKER, Elephanthaus

Take a listen and buy 'I Woke and You Were Smiling' on BEATPORT... (http://www.beatport.com/release/i-woke-and-you-were-smiling/1042501)

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