View Full Version : YagaIntelPodcast: Ep 3 CreakyJackals Guest Mix

02-20-2013, 04:39 PM
It has been a while but here it is the third episode of the YagaIntelPodcast. This episode features CreakyJakals bringing in the filthy dubstep. I hope you enjoy this one because I sure did.

YagaIntelPodcast: CreakyJackals


1. Au5 - singularity + felxprod - your Darkside (mashup)
2. Creaky Jackals - only thing i know (phoenix edit)
3. Meta - phoenix down (creaky edit)
4. Dubsidia - kill human
5. Xkore - Lazershark
6. Creaky Jackals - Into the air

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