View Full Version : Freak Her, and When the world ends

02-05-2013, 12:36 AM
Hello everyone, I've released a couple new songs this past weekend. I'm fairly new at producing dubstep, but I feel I did a pretty darn good job. Would love to get some constructive criticism for future songs.

Freak her:


This song is a little mix of hip hop, and dubstep. I'm currently working with a local artist to do some rapping on this song. It's also currently ranked 20th on the dubstep charts on soundclick. This was my first attempt at dubstep lol

When the world ends:

When making this song I pictured a happy family playing together at the park, and things turned to complete chaos. But at the end the family is able to pull through even though their world pretty much ended.

This is the second dubstep song I've done.