View Full Version : Need a Few 70's-80's House/Electro remixes!

01-25-2013, 08:28 PM
Got a last min gig with a local bar with a local Female DJ friend.

I go to this bar a lot and although I'm only 23 it attracts a lot of mature 30-40 range crowd that come in from the bowling alley that its attached.

I thought I'd appease to them with a little 70's-80's dance, but with an electro/house edge to it.

Remixes and Bootlegs only.

Sort of Like these

Anyone have any to contribute?

Much appreciated!

DennisBdrmDJ 2.0
01-25-2013, 11:08 PM
the Original can stand on it own,.but if you need the remix.here's an outstanding version.kiO8DqukrUs