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01-22-2013, 11:26 AM
[ZS065] Zero Show about festivals in Croatia w/Meniga - January 16th, 2013

Despite the fact that certain parts of Zagreb were trapped by snow, all six of us skied to the radio station for a session that turned out equally interesting and entertaining.
In the first hour, Marijo Franić aka FM presented his upcoming single for a local imprint Home Made Electronica called "You Blow My Mind". His first solo work after a while, and a very good one at that. With a little help from his friends, respectful remixers Davor Ostojić and Višeslav Laboš, the title track got two amazing treatments to complement the original. All three of them took turns in front of the mic and gave some insight about what went down during the making of each version.
Second part of the show was co-hosted by Arsen Pavešić. A lengthy conversation about festivals in Croatia and their impact on the local scene, covering some of the pros and cons of the current situation. Featuring probably the most suitable guest for the topic - Vedran Meniga, a publisher, drummer, journalist, DJ, promoter, organizer, producer, and a party animal from Šibenik; also the moving force behind festivals such as Outlook, Dimensions, Seasplash, and Slurp!.

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01. Radio Slave - What Happened? (Rekids) - Original Mix
02. FM - You Blow My Mind - Originalna ali zapravo malo drugačija verzija [PROMO]
03. FM - You Blow My Mind - Labosh Remix [PROMO] - VER2
04. FM - You Blow My Mind - Davor O. Remix [PROMO]
06. Vid Vai - Another Weekend Story (raw)
07. Latecomer - Cosmic Cart
08. Jacques Bon & Nicolas Villebrun - Aim 005 - A1 - Pyramid
09. Roman Rauch - Feelings (Original Mix)
10. DJ Marky & XRS - Butterfly (Laurent Garnier Remix)
11. Examine - Disko Dabar Edit 6 [ZS063 DEMO]
12. Examine - Disko Dabar Edit 2 [ZS063 DEMO]
13. Domes - Who You Are

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