View Full Version : In desperate need for an Avatar/Mascot/Logo

Sense of Life
11-09-2012, 09:03 AM
Hello dear artistically gifted people in the forums,
I am in desperate need for a new logo or even better, a mascot of my very own.
What I need is the design itself, I am good with tools and all (such as 3Ds Max and AE), but I lack the creativity to make a mascot/logo of my own.
So, I ask you fine gentlemen to help me. I am willing to pay and credit you for your work (Kinda broke so pay is between 20-30€ (via Bank Transaction)).
Here are some previous designs:



So you kinda see what I am looking for, no?
What I am really looking for is to implement the name "Sense of Life" in a creative fashion (i.e.: Metaphorical image or representation).
Themes are: Nature, Life, Philosophy.
Hope you guys can work with this.
PM me when interest arises.

Greetings and Thank you!