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ABAGA Records
10-27-2012, 06:44 PM
The Mighty Cream - Bite EP [ABAGAFREE017]
Released for free on ABAGA Records (http://www.abagarecords.com)

Listen/download the EP for nothing at www.abagarecords.com/abagafree017-tmcr (http://www.abagarecords.com/abagafree017-tmcr/)


Sinister flute with brooding basslines is what to expect from ABAGA Records' seventeenth free release.
The Mighty Cream's debut EP consists of a track with contrasting dark and light parts that lead to a pounding culmination of merciless bass sounds, and three remixes picked from a barrage of entries to their remix competition: JZR, with his spacious slower skank, Tisoki, with a hard hitting schizophrenic-like dancefloor-worthy version, and Skoshki, with a dark, growling variant, using chord sweeps that add a light at the end of the tunnel.
More music to come from this nascent duo, so keep your ears to the ground for this lot.

01. The Mighty Cream - Bite
02. The Mighty Cream - Bite (JZR Remix)
03. The Mighty Cream - Bite (Tisoki Remix)
04. The Mighty Cream - Bite (Skoshki Remix)

We hope you like the music, and keep an eye out for our forthcoming releases.