View Full Version : Snap-9A - Foneis Tou Kosmou EP (Robert Pain, El Bosco Remixes)

10-23-2012, 03:06 AM

With this release, and new artist to the AR label roster (Snap-9A) we are presenting two beautiful tracks in that style.
Both energetic and emotional, as it comes perfect for the balance we strive to bring to you. Track 'Prophetia' is a shakey,
pad driven banger which evoles into the broken beat break and a soothing melody that just screams the sound of the
Universe. On another note 'Foneis Tou Cosmou' is mindful broken beat percussive masterpiece, with dark atmospherics
and a huming baseline that just hooks you. In this EP also are contained two remixes, Robert Pain's broken beat driving
dreamy 10 minute workout which will surely make you think and move as it changes throughout. For ending style, there is
also El Bosco remix of 'Prophetia' and it's a direct groove smasher with lot's of breaks and full on rage of 909 tools.
The best is yet to come in Techno.

Out now via Beatport.