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Breakz R Boss
10-20-2012, 08:04 AM

Breakz R Boss Records Presents:
Tripwave – Feel It Ft Sw@t (Toronto is Broken Remix)


Tripwave & Sw@t team up and Create this Video for their NEW EP out Aug 31st on Breakz R Boss Records (Canada).
Featuring Remixes by Kyle Cross, & Toronto Is Broken (UK).

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(Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada)
Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Tripwave is a force to
be reckoned with! Tripwave aka Tim, was only 16 when he started his own mobile dj and audio visual production company. All the while working with several broadcast television and post-production film ompanies throughout his life. Tim knew he had a love of technology, but didn't know where to focus his efforts until he fell in love with the world of Electronic Dance Music! Quickly giving up the mobile dj thing, he built up a production studio and started delving deep into composition and sound design.

Either being humble, or overly-critical of his own work, Tim feels that he hasn't been taking it too seriously throughout the
years. Only recently has he been finding the satisfaction in the work he creates, and is confident this trend will continue. At least until his quest for musical perfection is complete! That or world domination...Not only are Tripwave's original productions solid, his dj/live performances are seamlessly mixed, his stage presence is solid gold, and his passion for Electronic Music definately resonates from his soul out to the listeners.

|| DJ SW@T ||
(Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada)
Most deejay’s that embrace the art of mixing records may never put the time and effort to progress past their bedroom door. This isn’t the case with dj Sw@t, who has been hustling non-stop to ensure her spot in the drum&bass hierarchy. Since 2005 Sw@t has been a driving force of new urban sounds with unprecedented enthusiasm. Skill and recognition comes with knowledge, and the curious mind of Sw@t is what drives her to make new connections with like minded heads from across Canada, and abroad promoting herself and others while gaining more knowledge and respect from her drum&bass peers.

Being directly involved with the classic d&b weekly Extra Strength Saturday’s it was the inception that would evolve as promoters and heads alike began to take note of the sounds of dj Sw@t. An evolution that would get her booked at numerous club nights and grimey all night events, locally and across the nation; so much so that she had enough of a following to make a new stamp on the scene with her own production camp known as Hi-Rev. While not only representing her hometown and sound, it was clear that there needed to be better representation for the ladies making real moves in the national scene by starting the collective known as DNB Girls Of Canada to show the nation that this isn’t just a boys club.

Well rounded in the sounds of drum&bass, and dubstep it’s clear that Sw@t is turning heads from her guest appearances on Bassdrive’s rinse-out radio, podcasts for djvibe.com to her own live radio show on KrisisDnB and more recently on Global Vortex Radio, it really is hard not pay attention. With interviews for Kmag online, ravescum.com and djvibe.com she’s gaining well deserved hype and her onslaught of dj mixes, and charisma are to blame. Her mixing style is her own with banging bass-heavy anthems to liquid and soulful sounds, Sw@t is a true selector, she’s a crowd pleaser who hypes party-goers with choice tunes and dub plates, keeping her style eclectic and fresh.

Like ripping people bass-faces off with diverse and energetic track selections wasn’t enough, Sw@t expands her skills into the studio releasing a soulful dubstep jam “Base Case” in 2009 and more recently her collaboration with notorious Inside Info on the d&b smasher “Awkward”, released July 12th on Viper recordings. Just goes to show that her ride doesn’t stop there while the demand for Sw@t to stay on top of her game becomes more and more evident. Watch this space.