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10-09-2012, 07:31 PM
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TLM069: Deepchild - Neukölln Burning (http://www.thoughtlessmusic.com/releases/tlm069-deepchild-neukolln-burning/)
The new full-length album...

A visionary blend of Berlin techno, UK Bass and mutant soul, Deepchild's first full-length since 2008's Departure on Future Classic is equal parts revelation and manifesto. Abandoning the oppressive heat of his native Australia for the punishing winters of Berlin's Neukölln district in 2009, Rick Bull's dub-inflected sound evolved with the iconic club culture of his newly adopted hometown. Acclaimed live sets at Berghain and a series of intervening 12-inches for Trapez, Resopal and Oppossum set the tone for an album that picks up where his previous Thoughtless single, The Suffering Ones, left off: interlacing defaced R'n'B vocals within a framework of frayed, eroded, yet tough-minded house and techno. Merging otherworldly sound design, sample-heavy arrangements and a subtle yet tangible undercurrent of sexual tension, the compelling result is both deeply urban and enticingly futuristic...

01. Doves In Michigan
02. Neukölln Burning
03. Dirty Cutlery
04. Riyadh
05. Bleeding Down the Night
06. I Woke and You Were Smiling
07. Chicago Train
08. Want
09. The One I Used to Call Home
10. Rage
11. Then We Dissolved
12. That I Adore You
13. Reuterkiez Winter Lights
14. Perimeter of Release

Watch the official video for lead single Riyadh on YouTube (http://youtu.be/Z1xqFt97X8Y) and buy the album digitially on BEATPORT (http://www.beatport.com/release/neuk-lln-burning/964165) or get the limited-edition CD exclusively on our WEBSITE (http://www.thoughtlessmusic.com/music/) - but don't just take our word for it...

Great album! M.A.N.D.Y., Get Physical

Amazing album. Dark and warm. Love it! STEPHAN BODZIN, Systematic

Oh yes! This right here is the stuff - fantastic album! No fillers. NIMA KHAK, Drumcode

Love this guy's stuff - cheers! SLAM, Soma

Good album - my favorites are Rage and Neukolln Burning. FLORIAN MEINDL, Trapez

Brilliant album. ALAN FITZPATRICK, Drumcode

So many great tracks on here. Thank you! GEORGE FITZGERALD, Aus

Thanks - amazing. JONAS KOPP, Curle

Great stuff - heart & soul here! ECHOLOGIST, Steadfast

Solid release. Thanks! BROTHERS' VIBE

Sick album. Love it. [A]PENDICS.SHUFFLE, Adjunct

Great package, thanks! JOSEPH CAPRIATI, CMYK

Great album - full support! PATRICK ZIGON, Yellowfin

Neukölln Burning delivers a bunch of mental techno tracks - I like! AXEL BARTSCH, Sportclub

Big album, there are some really cool tracks on this one! Thank you. PATRICK BATEMAN, Tic Tac Toe

Coool album! BENOIT CARRETIER, Tsugi

This is superb. Great music here!!! JONNY CRUZ, No. 19

Nice deepness. ANDREW GRANT, Circoloco

Awesome tech-house! Rare! Great album! ALEX TOLSTEY, Boshke Beats

Many great tracks here. Will chart and support! WERNER NIEDERMEIER, Broque

Awesome at first listen. Can't wait to sit and go all the way through in headphones. Cool sleeve art too. thanks! BRYAN ZENTZ, Plus 8

GREAT MUSIC!!!! Wow… I will enjoy this very much; it's also going straight into my iPod. Very high quality and tasty music here, my fav Thoughtless release so far - thank you very much for the music. REYNOLD, Trenton

Really good album. CHRIS FORTIER, Fade

Take a listen and buy Neukölln Burning on BEATPORT (http://www.beatport.com/release/neuk-lln-burning/964165) and get the limited-edition CD exclusively on our WEBSITE... (http://www.thoughtlessmusic.com/music/)

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