View Full Version : Should I sell Pioneer 909 for a Rane 62?

10-08-2012, 03:03 AM

I'm at a point that I'm debating selling my Pioneer DJM-909 and upgrading to a Rane 62. But I'm still on the fence wether it's worth the money and if it's worth it buying a Serato dedicated mixer. I do spend a lot of time scratching and I spin a lot of hip hop/funk and rock parties with electro/dubstep/trap. There is nothing wrong with the 909, but I'm really interested in the built in effects of the 62.

I currently use dicers and love them for cues and loop roll juggling on the fly. The 62 would handle cues and effects perfectly and I could still use the dicers to loop roll on the fly. The dual usb ports would also be a much added bonus. I'm hoping the crossfader will be comparable to my 909 for scratching. I used my friends 62 and had no problems scratching so I don't think that will be a big issue.

But my biggest concern is being locked into Serato for the long haul, at least with the pioneer I could jump to Traktor or stick with Serato. Yes I could buy Traktor and just use the 62 with that as a standalone mixer, but then what's the point of spending $2000.00 dollars on a stand alone mixer that technically isn't better than my 909 if you take away the serato integration. I could do that with my 909 for free.

I have mapped my APC40 to Scratch Live and although it works it's not the most intuitive and it's hard for me to identify which buttons are which during a live set quickly so I sometimes hit the wrong button. And at least for me the midi mappings can be glitchy at times.

10-11-2012, 01:27 PM
Lol... was talking about this to my buddy who bought the 62. The 62 is a BEAST, no doubt about it. And yes its Serato locked but for a majority of users Serato is the choice of DVS. Nothing against Traktor but the majority of DJ's I know only less than a handful use Traktor.
To me the 62 is the tablists future/newer mixer. Just plug in your 12's and your laptop and you're ready to go. Cues, effects and so on and so on. Doing a party with 2 dj's... well theres a second USB connect, easy peasy switch over.
But the 909 to me is also the tablists mixer as well,not counting out the 56/57, but I've always wanted a 909 with an innofader. I know you're probably looking to sell your 909 but I say keep that baby and get the 62 as well. Pioneer makes good mixers, the 62 is an amazing mixer, and having the best of both worlds when it comes to 2 channel mixers is even better.
I still even feel resentment for chopping my old Vestax PMC 05 to get my 56(use LPD8 for effects and cues).
So i say keep the 909 and still get the 62 :D

10-11-2012, 02:01 PM
Haha man after doing an A/B comparison today I'm definitely keeping my 909. Sound quality is amazing with straight Vinyl compared to the 62 and that fader is no joke. If I add an Innofader it would be ridiculous.