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DJ Watty
02-14-2012, 08:11 AM
Hello All,
We had some awesome reviews on the old DJF. I was wondering if Bill Esq or anyone else is going to post an uplighting comparison / /review soon?

I am in the market for a 10 to 12 light kit. Comparing Chauvet Slim Par , Rain, ADJ Mega Par , and Blizzard RGBW/A.
Or any other uplights that can;
1) sit flat on their back
2) Power In & Out
3) DMX in & out
4) Master / Slave option
5) Not a requirement, but optional sound active mode would be a +

I would prefer RGBW/A


Capt. Kirk
02-14-2012, 04:03 PM
Well I will be getting a new par can soon and it will most likely be the mega par but I only have an LED P56 to compare it to so it will mainly just be a review.

02-14-2012, 06:58 PM
I'm in the market for some uplights as well. Not as much as you, buy I could use about four.

I was looking at either the new Blizzard Puck 3NX's: http://www.blizzardlighting.com/index.php/puck3nx

Or the Puck Q6W and Q6A:

Personally, I'm staying away from ADJ, as the Blizzard pars are brighter (and probably higher quality) for around the same price(s). It also bugs me that ADJ fails to provide an illuminance rating with a good portion of their products, making the desicion more difficult because you can't compare their products with other products.
I believe the Chauvet Slim Pars are also sub-par to Blizzard's stuff, although, they are also much cheaper. You could buy 10 Slim Par 56's for the price of 5 Puck 3NX's. Or comparing the new Slim par Tri 7's with the 3NX, I still believe the the 3NX would be brighter as it has two more tri-leds, for the same price.

Here is a comparison chart I found a while ago, and whoever made it is keeping it updated.


I think I'm actually going to go the the Q6W or Q6A, I'm just not sure which one would suit me better, or which one is better overall. From what I understand, you can get much better colormixing with amber, and all four combined will still give you a white.

Capt. Kirk
02-14-2012, 07:38 PM
Well I am planning on going with Blizzard after getting one more par from American DJ. I got my original American DJ LED P56 for just 6 dollars off of ebay and have come up with a good way to light up the underside of our equipment table but it is always brighter on one side than the other. So I plan on getting a second one to go under there as well. Now the P56 is $150 but the Mega Par is only $100 so if the mega par is just as bright I will go with it and then of course do a review for here. As for the quality of American DJ stuff I have found I have amazingly good luck with all of it and rarely have an issue but the same is not said for everyone. Some have no problems with them, and some just outright can never be near the stuff because it breaks. It's one of those things were you either got it or you don't.

Blizzard may have better quality but from all the pictures I have seen they all look identical as far as case design, durability, and placement of controls for their apples to apples products. Guess we shall see from our two reviews huh?

I would say to go with the Amber version. It has a much better yellow and orange color but also seems to have a richer and darker colored green and blue compared to the white one.