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09-22-2012, 04:08 AM
Thoughtless Music (http://thoughtlessmusic.com) presents...


TLM068: Deepchild - Riyadh (http://www.beatport.com/release/riyadh/959038)
With Deadbeat, Rennie Foster and Derek Marin remixes

The lead single from Deepchild's upcoming album is here. Making no excuses or apologies, a low down acidic stomp propels Riyadh with inescapable momentum while fluttering melodies and trace fragments imbue the fringes with a transportive late night mysticism. Slowing the tempo, muting the percussion and upping the paranoid atmosphere, the alternate Abseschoben Dub pulls the track into altogether murkier yet no less effective terrain. Taking a break from his BLKRTZ regimen, Deadbeat makes his Thoughtless debut with a hypnotic, dub-inflected techno revision, while Rebirth artist Rennie Foster turns up the acid factor with his infectious Low Box mix. Finally, NYC artist Derek Marin executes a bass-heavy interpretation that should find plenty of fans with the current deep house set. A sign of things to come, Riyadh hints at the full scope of Deepchild's upcoming full-length, Neukölln Burning – a well-rounded and original work of significant proportions...

01. Riyadh
02. Riyadh – Deadbeat Remix
03. Riyadh – Rennie Foster Low Box Mix
04. Riyadh – Derek Marin Remix

Watch the video on YouTube (http://youtu.be/Z1xqFt97X8Y) and buy it now on BEATPORT (http://www.beatport.com/release/riyadh/959038) - but don't just take our word for it...

Nice. Thanks for the music. MAETRIK, Cocoon

Deadbeat remix is HUGE! STEPHAN BODZIN, Systematic

Original is amazing. ADAM BEYER, Drumcode

Ace, great acid on the original mix, Deadbeat mix is a hypnotic beauty too. Thanks! DANNY HOWELLS, Dig Deeper

Lovely release. Thank you for sending me this. JOEL MULL, Truesoul

Deadbeat's remix for me! FLORIAN MEINDL, Kling Klong

Original is cool. SASHA, emFire

Amazing release! ALAN FITZPATRICK, Drumcode

Love the main mix. Heav-eeeee. GROOVE ARMADA, Azuli

Deepchild's tracks are always great. PIG & DAN, Cocoon

Nice one! I like your style. SACHA ROBOTTI, Dirtybird

Lovin' the Deadbeat and Marin mixes. SOMEONE ELSE, Little Helpers

Original sounds great! RENATO COHEN, Sino

Nice one - thanks! HRDVSION, Wagon Repair

Original and Deadbeat remix are a delight! Big up Rick and Thoughtless! BRENDON MOELLER, Echologist

Love me some Deepchild!!! [A]PENDICS.SHUFFLE, Adjunct

Deadbeat remix is the one for me! Thanks. DVS1, Klockworks

The Derek Marin remix is sick! ALEXI DELANO, Clink

Fantastic release, especially the Deadbeat remix - that's an amazing piece of music! Thanks a lot! Will chart and play. PATRICK SIECH, Drumcode

Australian-Canadian connection strikes again! Deadbeat remix is taking me away and the original is good too. AXEL BARTSCH, Sportclub

Original and Rennie Foster Low Box mix sound good. Will try it. TONI RIOS, Cocoon

I am a Deadbeat fan. OLIVER DEUTSCHMANN, Aim

Love the original and Rennie's remix! SATOSHI FUMI, Moodmusic

Great sound, thanks! SASHA CARASSI, Drumcode

Deadbeat and Derek Marin remixes do it for me - dark and dubby the way I like it. ROB PAINE, Worship

As usual Deadbeat is spot on, super super cool remix! PATRICK BATEMAN, Tic Tac Toe

Deadbeat mix is FIRE! Sexy dubbed out bliss. Bomb! Marin's mix is quite nice too. Can't beat the original though. ALLAND BYALLO, Pokerflat

Deepchild Deepchild Deepchild! Kills it again, and all the remixes are hot. Full support! HABERSHAM, Bedrock

Deadbeat remix is amazing. Deep and tracky, love it! SAFEWORD, Mobilee

Awesome release!!! I like the Deadbeat remix most. TODD BODINE, Highgrade

Love the deepness and feeling in Rennie's mix. GREG GOW, Transmat

Solid release. Love the Deadbeat remix and the dub version too. TOM CLARK, Highgrade

Derek Marin is my cut!!! REYNOLD, Trenton

Nice trax - will try out. Thanks guys. SLAM, Soma

Great, cheers! PHIL KIERAN, Cocoon

Take a listen and buy 'Riyadh' on BEATPORT... (http://www.beatport.com/release/riyadh/959038)

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