View Full Version : RCF SUB: 705-AS or 718-AS to pair with 312-A

02-12-2012, 07:28 PM
Pretty simple question. Any big differences between the 705-AS and 718-AS. I already have a pair of powered ART 312-A's and want a powered sub. I know the 18" is about $250 more. Just asking for everyone's advice. I remember while researching the PA's that people seemed to prefer the 312-A over the 315-A. I just wanted to get your advice on which sub you prefer and why or if I should consider anything else... thanks, Drew

02-13-2012, 01:35 PM
I just picked up a pair of the 718AS myself to pair with my 312's. I did a quick test with 1 312 and 1 718 outside my house for a few mins and it sounded great! I didn't stay out too long b/c i didn't want to disturb my neighbors to much but I think the 718 is a great sub. I was outside and standing about 15 or so feet away and could still "feel" the thump of the sub. I'm sure if I was inside somewhere it woudl have sounded even better with the sound being able to bounce off the walls, but outside it sounded great. I dont think you will be disappointed with the 718. I haven't heard the 705 so I can't compare but i've heard good things about them.