View Full Version : Anyone fancy whippin' me up a logo?

08-26-2012, 11:19 PM
Yo dudes! After browsing this section for a while, and seeing some kickass logos being produced I figured I'd give my two cents and see if anyone's lovely and generous enough to do me one ;)

My DJ name is "Coley", which is just a cut of my last name (Coleman), and I was thinking something free-flowing, simple and smooth. My initial idea was a 1/4" jack, then the lead dangling down spelling out Coley, and leading to a little pair of headphones kinda like a full-stop, all silhouetted in jet black. After numerous attempts of trying it, I gave up and came grovelling to you guys aha. If you do happen to whip something up though, feel free to go by whatever route/ideas you may conjure, you're the experts after all!

Cheers fellas! If you do me something awesome I'll use every ounce of my karmic energy to wish a thousand of the most divinely moist vaginas come fleeting softly upon your delighted and expectant crotch. Or give you some +rep, ya know, whatever floats ya boat.