View Full Version : Dnx1600 issue. Please help

DJ Donnie Lewis
08-26-2012, 06:52 PM
Ok. 1st time gigging with the dnx and 1/2 way through the night my headphone jack seemed to crap out. Sound was only coming out of 1 ear piece, my right ear piece, then as I switched cues the sound would follow, meaning when I switched to preview a track on my left deck my left ear piece would work but when I switched to the right so did the sound. Weird thing was for some songs on my left table both ear pieces would work.

I tried the switch cue button but it only altered it. Also it wouldn't over lay the songs so each deck was in each ear instead of both songs in both ears. It was pretty annoying to beatmatch without being able to hear the baseline or instruments on a given track. I'd turn the line volume up but then it was just to damn loud.

Doing sets in my house for 2 weeks before pulling my ddm out nothing happened. Sure enough I bring it to the wedding last night and I run into this issue...

08-27-2012, 01:22 AM
I can't figure out the problem in the first paragraph. I'd post that issue in the Denon DJ Forums or call up Denon DJ's customer service line. The kids in Itasca, Illinois (Denon/Marantz US headquarters) would be happy to help.

As for the second issue, you have SPLIT CUE on. That would place the CUE in one ear and the MASTER in the other ear. Turn off SPLIT CUE by depressing the button on the bottom left side of the mixer. That would allow both the CUE output and the MASTER output to go through both ears. Use the CUE/MASTER PAN KNOB to control how much of either CUE or MASTER you want heard through your headphones.