View Full Version : Some artwork I made for a mix CD (I'm a Photoshop n00b so be gentle!)

02-11-2012, 08:25 PM
I'm gonna make a series of "one artist" mixes. Each mix will feature tracks from one artist. Aside from putting them out on the web, I'm gonna make a handful of CDs for each one, individually numbered, and anyone that wants one can have one for free (within reason). Some of the artists I'm considering doing are Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Public Enemy and L.L. Cool J.

The first one I'm doing is an Angela Winbush mix, as she's my favourite female soul singer. The idea for the art is that I would take a record cover from one of the artist's best known tracks and change it slightly so it would feature my name and the name of the mix.

Here's the CD cover I used for this one: -


And the mix CD cover: -


Disc image for printing to discs (the labels are the ones she was signed to): -


CD inlay (still a work in progress): -


These are small, compressed JPGs but the originals are high quality. I made a CD as a test and it looks store bought other than the disc itself, cos I'm just printing on to CDRs.

And yes, I know it's very pink! :P

Marc S
02-12-2012, 02:39 AM
no need to be gentle it does what it needs to. the most important thing (the typeface) is perfect, the cd print perhaps you could add a drop shadow to your name to make it match the ANGELA text? but if the original cd was "sans" shadow, leave it as it is. more authentic then.