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07-31-2012, 08:40 AM
hey guys, Ive been using MIDI for a while now, want to start with some CDJs. I've been exploring my options and came across the Numark NDX800s (a buddys buddy is selling his good condition for fairly cheap). Any opinions on the NDX800s? Any viable alternatives for around the same price? Thanks.

07-31-2012, 01:42 PM
My boss has them but I dont know much about them, never used them. What's the price range you're in? For $300-400 each you can get Pioneer cdj-1000mk1's

07-31-2012, 02:33 PM
I very nearly brought a pair (well the NDX900s but they are the same thing, just with a built in sound card) before I got a brilliant deal on one of my cars which allowed me to up my budget and got the Pios instead. I have to say I was extremely impressed with them- an excellent full size platter that works just as you'd want it to, all the features of reasonably high end CD decks- i.e. looping, hot cues, + built in effects to boot. I would say the platter on these is better than anything else you can buy new at this price, it really is good. The display was good, the pitch slider was good, it also has 6%, 12%, 25%, & 100% pitch modes- the latter of which can be used on both CD & usb modes (something you only get at the top of the Pioneer tree). The platter has some good effects, covering all the common stuff and even has one that is almost identical to the slip mode on Pioneer CDJ900. Oh, and they can of course be used as midi controllers.

A friend has had a pair for a couple of years now that get used in a fort-nightly residence and take all sort of abuse without any problems, so if they are staying in the bedroom for the time being they should be fine reliability wise.

Downsides- the looping & hot-cues are not the most straightforward to use. They share the same buttons and take a bit of figuring out, though as with anything I'm sure they'll quickly become second nature. It also has seperate play, pause & cue buttons, unlike most other CD decks taht combine the play & pause. The layout itself is a lot different to any of the more standard CDJ layouts, so if you ever have dreams of playing in a club you may find the ubiquitous Pioneer layout takes a bit of getting used to. Finally, the last drawback- the unit will apparently only read mp3s. No WAVs, FLACs, AIFFs etc. This was a biggie for me as I have a ton of music in Wav format. If all you music is high quality mp3 you won't have a problem.

For the price of the NDX900s (brand new), I can't think of any better CD deck in terms of what you get for your money. I think the NDX800 is only available second hand- and if I was buying CD decks second hand I would almost certainly look for Pioneer CDJs instead, as they do seem much better built so the chances of buying a lemon an minimal. If you are buying new however, then a pair of NDX900s with the backup of a sellers warranty would definately be worth a shout if none of the above points are issues.

Scratchworks did a very informative review of the NDX800 and is well worth a google.