View Full Version : 2 days left.. I am giving away a free laser!!

Arnoldo Offermann
07-29-2012, 12:41 PM
Master School Dances is the best educational kit for DJs wanting to step up their school dance business. The videos teach everything you need to become your market’s leader!
Want to impress students during a meeting? Whip out the pocket-sized American DJ Micro Galaxian (ADJ LINK) and mesmerize them with lasers! The same light, controlled by an intuitive remote control, will throw out hundreds of beams during your event. Add fog or haze and this is one pocket-sized effect that cannot be beat!

The contest is simple: make a video about school dances! It can be a tip, a discussion about your best investment for school dances, or even a video recap of your favorite moment!
Here are the steps to #Winning.
Make the video!
Make sure to mention Master School Dances, the leading school dance educational series for DJs in your video.
Upload to YouTube. Post a link on Master School Dance’s Facebook page (link)!
Get your friends to comment on your video in the YouTube comments section.. so share it around!

The contest will be judged by Master School Dances PR specialist (and Arnoldo’s wife), Monica Offermann. She will also review the comments on the videos to help influence her decision. Actually, Arnoldo’s watching, too– so make like Kurt Cobain and entertain us!

There will be TWO prizes!

First Prize: ADJ Micro Galaxian and one Master School Dances video*.
Second Prize: One Master School Dances video*.
*Should you already be so awesome that you own the MSD series, you get a free day’s of consulation, including a full review of your marketing materials and one-on-one sales lessons.