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Quentin Legend
07-28-2012, 09:53 AM
Hi guys,

I'll make this short and sweet.

I love Electro but I'm getting lost between all the different sub genres of Electro.

I've resigned as DJ & Marketing Manager for (I won't name the company), due to personal and business reasons and because I want to go on, on my own, we did weddings / parties / corporate functions and almost everything else except clubs.

I'm starting a new business but this time I want to specialise, will start off small with house parties / birthday parties (16th, 18th, 21st) and then later move on to weddings and clubs.

I really want to specialise in Electro and Top 40 Remixes (Top 40 is unfortunately a requirement for certain events), now what I need is to classify the Electro I'm into so I can find more of them without having to listen to all the other sub genres that I'm not interested in.

Here's an example of the type of Electro I'm into:


Would really appreciate the help!! :)

Quentin Legend
07-28-2012, 12:59 PM
Found a super awesome list of rocking tunes.


Now I need to know, which record pool would be awesome for Electro House?