View Full Version : Using Split/Cue Monitoring With DNB

Jamie D Music
07-24-2012, 01:57 PM

I could do with some advice on using the various types of headphone monitoring. In particular I'm interested in any advice on learning split cue. My DJ controller is a BCD2000 and although basic it has a good audio setup with a Deck A and Deck B PFL Mix knob and a phones split/master out button. My software has a cue/PGM fader and I need to understand tricks and benefits of using these together before I move on to a more advanced controller because right now I can only mix with live drops when cuing in a track and I try to make it a natural intro or lower the volume on that deck so it's not as obvious but because I hear what the main output is it can never be as seamless as I want it to be. I've read about split/cue and know what it is and what it does I just haven't programmed my brain to learn it because I've got so used to having both decks always playing in my headphones. I think I can adjust to split/cue well I just need to start out on the right path. Any advice on starting to learn it or tricks and techniques? Do's and Dont's when monitoring DNB mixes would be very helpful as well.



07-26-2012, 06:18 PM
it's not really a trick it just enables you to beatmatch easier. do it whatever way gets the job done.

09-10-2012, 08:37 PM
when you have both toons in your headphones adjust the PFL Mix knob or the cue/pgm fader which ever you choose, so the track you are cueing is noticeably louder then the track already playing like 75/25 what this does is, it makes it more obvious if the track your trying to beat match is faster or slower.cue/PGM fader is pretty much the same as the pfl mix knob, serve the same function. hope that made sense. If you need clarification let me know:tup: