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07-23-2012, 10:45 PM
Protect Audio presents...

Marukomu - Visions (Eleven8 Remix)

`Visions` opens proceedings with some seriously cinematic soundscapes that
hark back to the days of Source Direct and the Photek years. Drawing us in
Marukomu hits us with some crystal breaks, sick mid-range and engulfing pads
that envelope the mix for a journey of stunning proportions. Beautifully
crafted, dark drum and bass to work both on the floor and at home.

Keeping things in a similar vein `Ganymede` kicks off with some stripped back
percussion and more sinister atmospherics. Paving the way towards some nasty
drum edits and even more snarling bass and it`s another well accomplished
piece of production from Manchester`s Marukomu.

LABEL: Protect Audio
ARTIST: Marukomu
TITLE: Visions / Ganymede
GENRE: Drum and Bass
CAT: PA001
RELEASE DATE: 2012-06-25

Marukomu - Ganymede (Mono Remix) (http://www.junglepress.org/protectaudio/cat/PA001)
Marukomu - Visions (Eleven8 Remix) (http://www.junglepress.org/protectaudio/cat/PA001)
Marukomu - Ganymede (Original) (http://www.junglepress.org/protectaudio/cat/PA001)
Marukomu - Visions (Original Mix) (http://www.junglepress.org/protectaudio/cat/PA001)

from Beatport (http://www.beatport.com/label/protect-audio/24721)
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