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07-04-2012, 04:47 AM
We are happy to present to you Exotic Showroom 2, a four tracks sampler with young, but very talented artists like Onix, Festo, Tony Guerra and Tive. All that with the support from Daniel Sanchez, LondonGround, Mr. Bizz, The Junkies, Giom, Derek Howell, Kuba Kraczewski, Submantra, Ibiza Global Radio, David Herrero, Broombeck / MSMS, UGLH, Grant Nelson, Nick Chatelain, Sezer Uysal, Lukas Greenberg, Robert Owens, Philip Arruda, Sideburn, Metodi Hristov and more... Release is available on Beatport, Traxsource, JunoDownload and DjDownload, so don't hesitate and grab your copy now!

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Track list:
1 Onix - Shaaash (Original Mix)
2 Festo & Onix - Squeeza (Original Mix)
3 Tony Guerra - Slowly Time (Original Mix)
4 Tive - Altair (Original Mix)

Also here you can listen to all of those tracks without downliading them:

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The Junkies (Local / Rawthentic / Sci+Tec): Thanks!
Grant Nelson: Nice one, thanks
Broombeck/MSMS (Mistakes/MBF/TerminalM//PlasticCity): Nice EP for my project MSMS, txs! Altair's my fav...
Daniel Sanchez (Bla Bla Records/ Be Real): great tracks here ! thanxx guys
Mr. Bizz (Octopus/Deeperfect/BluFin): Great V.A. !! Full Support !!
Kuba Kraczewski (Exotic Refreshment): Love all tracks from here! Support
LondonGround (iRecords, Save Room Recordings, DeepClass Records.): squezza!!!
Nick Chatelain: good tracks
Sideburn (Witty Tunes): Thanks
UGLH: Shaaash and Squeeza for us thanks.
Philip Arruda (Roots+Wings-Inmotion-Microzoo): great EP! Squeeza is nice! thanks :)
Sezer Uysal (Ministry Of Sound, FG): Slowly time, thanks
Giom (Lost My Dog): Slowly time for me!
David Herrero ((Defected,Ole Music)): Great sound!!!
Robert Owens (world): slowly time, great track
MAIKI (Plastic City / Kling Klong): Very good ep!
Luca M: nice foursome! :-)
Patryk Molinari (EXPLOITED): Slowly Time for me
SUBMANTRA (LOCO/ I REC /SAVE ROOM/REISEI/DCS/IRMA): Sqeeza and Altair for me..thanks!
Zeque (InfraDigrecords, Akbal Music, Loco Records): great groovers!
Maxxa (Seta,Loco,Reisei rec.): nice release....thnx
Jon Pierce (Mixed Up, RTE Pulse): was going to say was a bit too techy for me, but "altair" saved it :)
Vas Floyd: lovely release , locked groove in all tracks lova that shit
Snake Sedrick aka Son-Tec: Onix & Tive is very good! thanks a lot.
Angelo Draetta: cool tracks , will try it !
Hamdi RydEr (Waldliebe Familien,Pura Music,SK Supreme,Anhura,Natura Viva)): Shaaash & Squeeza are my favorites ! will play ;)
Derek Howell (Master Lux Co., microCastle): Squeeza is has a nice deep groove, will try! Thanks!
Moti Brothers (Itom Records Readymix.Reisei rec.): Tony G is my favorite!
Collective Machine (Great Stuff/MOAN): Very great! Dope release from exotic again! :) I supporting my friend, Tive!
Deep Active Sound (Loco Records, Seta Label): Nice groove! Thanks.
QMUSSE (Reisei Records, Loco records, I records, Save Room): Altair is so groovy!! Thanx :)
Dima Promo (Loco rec, i rec, Cr2): Nice EP! Thanks
Lukas Greenberg (Plastic City Artist): support
Tim Andresen (What Happens): Sounds good. Will download and see which ones that fits my sets.
Rejoyce: Full Support! Nice EP
Sergio Bernardi: elegant!!!
Seb Skalski (Purple Music , SpekuLLa Rec): intresting vibes on Altair !! , enjoyin this ep !! thanks
Marvin Zeyss (i records, Urban Torque): squeeza is very cool!
atastrophic (A&R of Tunnel FM): Great pack, full support from Tunnel FM ;)
Pille (Acilectro Recordings): nice one!support
Amir Groove (Ibiza sonica): nice tracks!
Metodi Hristov: great full support !!!
Roni Be(Full Range Records,I Records,Abstract Theory,Reisei Rec): Shaaash and Squeeza is the ones for me !tnx :)
Jerry Aseret (Nervine ): great sounds! Supporting!
Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta / AMDJS Radio Show: Will test Tony Guerra's track. Thank you.