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  1. Monoprice to include a Pro Audio Section
  2. Finished a promo video
  3. Is Spandex / Lycra Acoustically Transparent?
  4. Software vs Software
  5. Did I pick the wrong DJ software?
  6. School sales tip!
  7. This Can't Be Real....
  8. uplighting help
  9. anti Virus programs , and what's playing in the backround
  10. Looking for feedback - What would you want in a request app?
  11. Hey guys, question about natural echoing sounds?
  12. How to upload website to hostgator?
  13. So I Just got a call from Dub Show Promoters About setting up a booth
  14. getting out of the game...what's my gear REALLY worth?
  15. Sarasota Florida Mobile DJs... Need assistance
  16. DJ conventions
  17. A nice story with a nice DJ
  18. Watch out what you play. It cost a DJ his job.
  19. Running Two Players and Sound Cards Simultaneously
  20. Taking video of gigs:
  21. Scrim, or not to Scrim??????
  22. Lights: behind or in front of you.
  23. Last minute gig advice?
  24. Charging for gigs
  25. Are you a Diva DJ?
  26. Learned a lesson this weekend.
  27. Slow Dance Lighting
  28. How much of a deposit to you require.
  29. i need country music!!
  30. I won't take this gig on the Saturday
  31. Date changes and deposits
  32. Need game ideas for children's party
  33. Quick E-Track Question
  34. Set me straight - legally playing music - how to?
  35. I need lighting 101 help! I have NO clue at all...
  36. 8 Months of Nothing, Now 2 in 1 Night....
  37. Entry-Level Controllers - when/when not to use it?
  38. Uplighting in a tent
  39. Streamline stand for setup.
  40. How to increase mic volume?
  41. Another hilarious cragslist ad
  42. I just got call..
  43. Venues that you prefer not to DJ
  44. Bags/cases/racks...what to get, avoid..school me some!
  45. How much do you make a year?
  46. DJ meeting
  47. Mixing two songs together
  48. Scary moments during weekend gig
  49. Backup Battery Surge Protector
  50. Bean Counting
  51. Music between bands??
  52. Re-Doing My Rack Keep CD Player or Not?
  53. Beatmatch/mix question for major music genre changes
  54. Connect Behringer Xenyx 802 to single EV ZXA1 Sub and single ZXA1 Top
  55. Trailer Help!!
  56. Break Dancer... ARGH!
  57. I'm back! Its been about a year!
  58. Cost of wedding website...where are you at?
  59. Low Cost Wireless Mics
  60. Is this enough gear?
  61. First dance to.....WHAT!
  62. Hooking up my Sennheiser ew 112-p System for Wireless speakers
  63. Windscreen on mics... do they help?
  64. Stolen Biz Name
  65. Fashion Show Music ideas
  66. Practicing Emceeing Skills
  67. Custom Moving Head Mounts
  68. Wedding Reception Or Heavy Metal Mayhem?
  69. What 'affordable' lavalier system is best
  70. How do you organize all your wires
  71. i have gear envy
  72. Deciding if I should try and upgrade everyone to my better lighting
  73. Gig log.. and sorry for leave of absence!
  74. Small wedding- big lighting!
  75. renting a lapel mic
  76. Bass too high , hall owner complaining
  77. For outdoor events, do you quote for gazebo's (tarps) to protect equipment
  78. Beauty Pageant Party
  79. Class of 83 reunion.... Inno Spot LEDs in use!
  80. First Ever Wedding Reception For Me Tonight..........
  81. 12 outdoor wedding ceremonies this year.
  82. Horrible venue last night
  83. I need your guys help with Truss
  84. Newest DIY project - 6ft Lightstand - input please
  85. Help with finding a wedding march song
  86. Guys who mix, do you let some songs play out?
  87. This is one reason we do not play kids parties
  88. HELP with upgrading sound system
  89. Football (Soccer) themed 21st birthday - Please help with music ideas
  90. Cancellation contract
  91. sennheiser ew100 wireless system
  92. sennheiser ew100 wireless system
  93. First wedding. Help!!!!
  94. Gear/Systems questions
  95. Suggestions Needed - Setting Up in the Middle of a Gym
  96. First large event with a generator.
  97. Video Camera Suggestions.
  98. So My First Wedding Went Like....
  99. Sureal venue. If you are a member of PITA you may NOT want to open this thread.
  100. best pool for weddings and proms?
  101. What is the ideal itinerary of a reception?
  102. Sween...
  103. Looking for games/motivations to get older people on the dance floor.
  104. Bridal Show- DJ Vendor Booth?
  105. My Rustic Country Facade
  106. Company Image Design
  107. Road case suggestions
  108. What are giveaways?
  109. This Is Where I'm DJing Next Saturday
  110. Another DJ Bails On A Client
  111. 7500 watts from jbl eons & Pyle....
  112. Mardi Gras themed High school dance?
  113. What an ordeal... 4 hours of disco
  114. Dude ranch wedding
  115. Was this a bad DJ or am I being too critical?
  116. 7 hour gig--->what should I be careful about?
  117. Marketing and domain naming strategy.
  118. Critique my DJ contract
  119. Sound Check Advice, and the steps you take?
  120. Anyone Tried Backpage.Com?
  121. Hands Free Mic So I can mc direct from my setup when my MC has to DJ another gig
  122. Did a fellow DJs wedding!
  123. Beat matching / Mixing Radio Edits
  124. Cocktail hour music? What do you play (and why)
  125. Got a real bad right knee....hard for me to stand up at weddings....need your advice.
  126. I am glad I am not the DJ I was.
  127. How Many Of You Play Clubs/Bars As Well As Special Events?
  128. Finally No hauling DJ Gear around in my daily driver....
  129. New gear hauler!
  130. BEST compliment this year!
  131. Looking to buy a projector
  132. Well...it finally happened (Cheesy song requests)
  133. Got My First DJ Job
  134. Once again, I beat all you mobiles....
  135. Please Give Me Your Upgrade Suggestions
  136. Playing Another DJ's Set
  137. Wedding dance time music
  138. Homecoming playlists
  139. Help me step it up, lots of advice needed.
  140. Line 6 XD-75 Wireless Mics
  141. Need advise on equipment choice for outdoor wedding reception (weather permitting)
  142. Gave up on the facade idea
  143. This is why I am a DJ....
  144. Growing from a Single to Multi Op and Training new DJs?
  145. Another Reception Booked
  146. Anyone from Southern California?
  147. (sarcastic) Thanks for bringing your PROJECTOR!
  148. What programs to use to print custom gobo's?
  149. Sync 2 laptops? Cloud back up?
  150. Halloween Club gig
  151. Gobo, above and beyond
  152. Awesome wedding!
  153. Pink wedding gig log
  154. Holy crap! There's a LOT of kids....
  155. First homecoming of the season and some new lights! (Plus the Inno Spot LED in a GYM)
  156. Simple lighting = BIG results!
  157. Booking First Prom!
  158. Might As Well Hang Up Our Hats, Guys.......
  159. How would you react to something like this
  160. Post your "hungry years" piece of equipo
  161. Rant: groom-zilla
  162. How to deal with friends who want free gigs?
  163. That 12 hour Ocktoberfest I DJ'd-Mc'd Last week
  164. Your thoughts?
  165. A bitter sweet saturday.
  166. Wedding cameraman caught with his pants down.
  167. What do you guys think about this setup?
  168. Video Dance a Wedding
  169. Bottom Feeders and Insurance
  170. MC Dropped Mic...
  171. Video of me rockin' the house in Mexico!!!1!
  172. 40th Birthday Party Ideas
  173. Improving Conversion Rate
  174. First gig..not what I expected..kids dance advice needed!
  175. Chauvet Fogger with no output
  176. Photo Booth
  177. music library printed reports freeware?
  178. Homecoming - lots of energy- lasers!
  179. Turning truss into buildings!
  180. I love uplighting like this!
  181. WOW! That's a lot of pics!
  182. Hugea** homecoming!
  183. DJ pool for older music or ??
  184. From Now On, I Will Be DJing Exclusively With This
  185. Too much gear to pick from
  186. Homecoming Walkthrough - Fort Meade
  187. Downloading music at a gig
  188. Customer may potentially threaten to sue me over $100.00 !?!?
  189. Virtual DJ and Mac OS X Mavericks
  190. New Mac OS!!!!
  191. Corporate Xmas party games
  192. Displaying prices on website?
  193. Pioneer DDJ-SX Velocity Sample Pads not working with Serato but Work with Virtual DJ
  194. Mobile DJ's what's your closing line? Or do you have one? Looking for some ideas.
  195. Serato DJ
  196. Toughest Wedding Gig Yet.
  197. Best MBP out now for price
  198. System for Mobile DJ and Concert Sound?
  199. Lighting on a T Bar that Doesnt Look amateur?
  200. Critique my logo
  201. Things I learned from Halloween Party
  202. Newbie!!!
  203. Is it a sin to mix ATA and Molded Plastic Cases?
  204. Can You Guys Search Me In Google?
  205. Ever Do Karaoke?
  206. First Gig - Couldnt of been harder.
  207. New Business Cards
  208. Integrated my karaoke library for Virtual Dj
  209. Simplifying rig for a wedding on an island Can i do it without mixer easily?
  210. sound interferance
  211. Mblv 14
  212. Fog. Which brand is best? Do you mix with water or vinagar?
  213. Thumbtack Sucks
  214. CALLING OUT: DJ's Columbus Ohio
  215. Looking for some up lighting
  216. Last Night's Gig.... All I Can Say Is WTF Was That??
  217. Opinions wanted About JBL PRX635 Speakers
  218. Mobile DJs, How is your MP3 library organized?
  219. Built a photobooth
  220. Outdoor Movies?
  221. Inundated with requests - last homecoming. Suggestions?
  222. Lighting/Effects T Bar Stand Kit for Mobile DJ's (Alloy X1 Series)
  223. Newbie DJ - Need Advice
  224. Why Thumbtack may or may not work for DJs.
  225. Homecoming gig log.. new use for pipe and drape!
  226. Humming in my active speakers
  227. Hands down- the best homecoming I've *ever* done!
  228. What's your first song that you play at Wedding most of the time .
  229. Killer deal on powerful, high quality speakers.......that weigh 100 pounds each.
  230. Want an assistant
  231. Setup Order
  232. Does this look silly?
  233. Are CD's Really Worth it??
  234. Has anyone ever set up shop on a street corner and jammed?
  235. Lighting snyc with Traktor to Showexpress
  236. Are my prices too much?
  237. am i lame for this?
  238. Need a few advice for Dj'ing in small homes.
  239. Ultimate Mic Setup
  240. Story Time With DJ Nada (gig log)
  241. DIY Wireless Social Network Photobooth
  242. If you were given a $700 Xmas gift card from a DJ supply store;
  243. Folding Tables
  244. I think this is my 19th post about a great gig? ;)
  245. Some basic projector mapping
  246. Lighting: Rent or Buy?
  247. Songs from Movies
  248. Weekly Google Hangout to discuss business
  249. Shure , Line 6 or sennheiser wireless mic?
  250. Ethical Karaoke Jock Question for Saturday