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  1. broadcasting on S4 Kontroller
  2. Post pics of your Production Setup!!!
  3. First direct competitor of Ableton Live? BITWIG
  4. Kernkraft 400 (Chris Schweiser Bootleg) [David Rhythm Edit]
  5. Free sound packs
  6. Is this worth finishing?
  7. Where to start with production? (newbie)
  8. Finding that right sound...
  9. When you get some $, your next purchase?
  10. newbie help with beat making and syncing vocals
  11. The "How To Make That Sound" Thread
  12. Ableton 6
  13. Presonus Studio One v2
  14. Plugins on the master Channel ?? Please help!
  15. How to record my mixes into Pro Tools
  16. Remix Comps
  17. How to remix?
  18. Remix Stems
  19. New Akai MPC model prices
  20. Best Production Apps?
  21. Favorite Effect Plugin(s) Thread!
  22. Interest in Live Lite + Focusrite plugin suite?
  23. Favourite Production/Recording Techniques
  24. Someone Create Me a GREAT DJ Tag and Intro!!! $$$
  25. Favorite Instrument/VST Plugin(s) Thread!
  26. We've had sync for DJ'ing for a bit, at last we finally have one for producers
  27. Anyone good with electro house bass design? D:
  28. Resampling from video player into daw on Mac.
  29. Mashup by MixedInKey
  30. Free VSTs/Instruments
  31. Which software, and why?
  32. Hardware VA Synths
  33. Good books on production?
  34. Donde esta celestial? :looking:
  35. connecting turntables to interface
  36. how do you get ableton to record DJ scratching to a track in real time?
  37. S.U.B NEW TRACK Free Download
  38. Programming Synths to come up with your own sound
  39. In my studio ..........studio
  40. new cool little synth
  41. Maschine Mikro User Reviews?
  42. Kid Vibe Releases
  43. Production and Recording FAQ
  44. rate my beat maw fuckaz :teef:
  45. Reason 6 & recycle 2 for sale due to financial difficulties
  46. How do producers do a remix?
  47. A good bang for you buck monitor
  48. I nearly pooped my pants writing this
  49. new beat feedback appreciated FUTURE BOOMBAP!!! :uhoh:
  50. All the annoying advice is true
  51. why? Fl studio 10 problem.
  52. New Hip-hop beat: That Smell
  53. Sonar Web Trial
  54. Production question
  55. Music Production Tutorials
  56. Upcoming EP Teaser!
  57. Internal Recording with Traktor 2 ! Please Help??
  58. Presonus StudioOne half off for today only
  59. ATTN: Track Submissions
  60. Do not buy Dark Pressure (NI Maschine Expansion) yet.
  61. setting up problems
  62. Work In Progress (help)
  63. I need your ears for the House track!
  64. Synth Heaven
  65. Ableton Suite 8 Installation
  66. new producer seeking advice
  67. Plastic Heart EP (for my final thesis!)
  68. Yamaha NS-10s.
  69. Home studio setup for $1000??
  70. Ableton 8.1 Mac
  71. The Lead from Silver Blue - Step Back (Blue Sky Remix)
  72. What to use to record my DJ mixes?
  73. Mastering a studio mix?
  74. So I've been working on my first production effort with a buddy of mine...
  75. Can someone pleeeeaaaseee help me out here D: (Sound Design)
  76. House production - Looking for feedback :)
  77. Production Questions
  78. Dream Setup
  79. Soundcould Upload Issue
  80. Keyboards, Drum Pads, or Neither for Music Production
  81. Wow.
  82. how many different speaker systems do you test your shit on before your done?
  83. Beat I made used in music video
  84. Maschine Mackie Control emulation stops working randomly?
  85. Check this shit
  86. More of a production questions: Stretching vocals - pad like effects - how?
  87. Dj Rellik - High Pressure
  88. Ive abandon SONAR and im moving to abelton
  89. Voiceovers: Eliminating Background Noise
  90. What synths are you guys using!?
  91. dutch / experiment project in progress. HELP!!
  92. Music theory
  93. above and beyond remix
  94. FL Studio Mobile
  95. Free windows based software studio
  96. Darkmatter & nuL - Lucid (Electro/Trance)
  97. Fruity Loo... err, I mean FL Studio session view?
  98. any of you maw fuckaz got an SP303 i can buy off you? =D
  99. Beats for Free
  100. Ableton - What is causing this lower bit issue?
  101. Sylenth!
  102. Looking to start producing....
  103. Started this track last night. Lovin it's bassline. (Electro)
  104. Help find a synth
  105. I have a track and a vocalist...... Now what?
  106. Ableton Live Loops and samples !!!!!!!
  107. Anyone fancy a collab on a house track? [I Use FL Studio]
  108. Kid Vibe vs Pontus
  109. A WIP that needs critiquing.
  110. Have a Reason question? ASK AWAY!!!
  111. Warping Vocals in FL Studios
  112. ill.Gates online workshop, a must watch for producers!!
  113. Progressive House Track - Complete and about to be signed.
  114. looking for a serato-like realtime waveform visualizer
  115. how does the mix down for these tracks sound?
  116. Am I missing something?
  117. EDM Production Partner Wanted!!!!
  118. Deep Soulful House Track promo
  119. Studio Monitors
  120. music production !!
  121. Mashup and bootleg
  122. Chillout / Dub - Started this track tonight
  123. Mic / Mixer trouble. Please help.
  124. Where am I with these tracks. Somebody take the time please and drop some knowledge.
  125. A Guide to the Music Buisness by Ferry Corsten
  126. How legit are your plugins?
  127. FREE DOWNLOAD : Swedish House Mafia - Miami 2 Ibiza (Boyan & Boyer Bootleg Mix)
  128. Dada Life Sausage Fattener - Thoughts?
  129. Chris Siegel and Sean Foran-Not Much Longer Would You Be Mine (RMB)
  130. Dave Coresh-Fire (Chris Siegel Remix)
  131. made a beat sampling the mortal kombat movie soundtrack
  132. Mash Ups
  133. Is this style/genre back in?
  134. Audio 8 as a stand alone soundcard
  135. Free sample pack (No catches, just download!) ELECTRO/DUBSTEP Basslines
  136. Ahmet Sendil Bass
  137. Converting Cassette Tapes to Digital
  138. Start Producing
  139. Easiest Set Up for Recording a Mix?
  140. +rep for feedback- Psy-Trance track!
  141. Master track - final mixdown questions
  142. Does anybody know how to get this sound?
  143. Anyone want to link me to their track, so that I may play it on my FW show?
  144. Is Komplete 8 worth it?
  145. Ableton 8 or Suite
  146. Favorite Limiter?
  147. How to: Acoustically Treat a Room for Recording or DJ or Whatever purposes
  148. Advice on Looking for Vocalists
  149. how severe of a problem can a mastering engineer fix within a track?
  150. Monitor Question
  151. Creative Vocal Processing Techniques
  152. Best way to learn sound design
  153. New track!
  154. Track Stitching with Audacity
  155. Track Feedback (prog)
  156. VSTi's and Logic Pro 9
  157. Help what we can do?
  158. Recording Mics for Home Studio
  159. DJ Mag Canada Official Production Blog
  160. Looking for a good iPad app for production/groove box
  161. recommend a midi keyboard
  162. Smile For The World!
  163. Maschine Gain Staging (VST/AU) wtf???
  164. Nee help critiquing my latest song.
  165. what artists are actually doing fresh things that are dope?
  166. 25 Key USB Midi keyboard suggestions?
  167. Machine v Maschine Micro?
  168. Your assistance is requested....
  169. are their any known drum breaks that are royalty free?
  170. Dr Drum Beat Making Software
  171. Little trick I figured out for making cool synths
  172. 5 months free soundcloud pro for ableton users
  173. Nightmare Before Christmas Trip Hop Flip
  174. FX order
  175. Just started producing, let me know how this sounds!
  176. remix competiton open and free for everyone...
  177. Have you guys ever noticed how poorly processed porn vocals are?
  178. logic pro or ableton live?
  179. Trying to step my r&b game up... Thoughts?
  180. Recording a podcast VDJ & Hercules RMX
  181. Deadmau5 - Cthulhu Sleeps remix
  182. [Hard Trance] Preston Young & Yours Truly - Leaving LA
  183. Warping vocals in Ableton
  184. Best Dynamic Vocal Recording Mic Under $300
  185. when sending track promos to labels
  186. Music Production
  187. Ableton 9 Thread
  188. Why you should think about getting hard (ware)
  189. newbie- uptempo remixes without acapella sounding so fast?
  190. free audio format converter for mac?
  191. A non-techno track from me! yay
  192. GUYS SOME HELP here PLEAS god bless you all
  193. Getting inspiration
  194. Looking to purchase a MIDI keyboard. Need some help!
  195. Tutorials
  196. Good places to buy hardware
  197. Working on something and will see this one to completion! anyone want the stems...
  198. who's the most technically masterful producer?
  199. What does a Mash-Up Look like (for you DJ's that like to make their own mash-ups!)
  200. newbie- ableton questions
  201. Time stretching and BPM detection VST?
  202. **Ellie Goulding - Lights (Josh Billings Remix)**
  203. Transferring Ableton Live Projects From PC to Mac
  204. Cubase 6 users
  205. Woo, 1,000 YouTube hits!
  206. OYE! Listen to my shit n tell me what you think :3 <3(Bob Sinclar- Rock The Boat RMX)
  207. Let's See Your Hardware!
  208. Reason 6.5
  209. Free Mash-Up
  210. More big trance music, rep for feedback!
  211. Prior to re-recording these vocals what changes ought I make (rep4feed)
  212. Found a RZA Sample
  213. Check out my latest production
  214. One of my first complete tracks
  215. First Song
  216. Definite improvement in my tracks.
  217. Vocoder / Talk Box effect
  218. the PONTUS ALV SPACE TAPE!! 9 beats sequenced into a mini mix of some sort
  219. Free Deep House Loops
  220. Impulse Buying
  221. How to best rip vinyl?
  222. Production Software
  223. Topkick Edits
  224. iZotope Iris
  225. Is being a good producer an important part of being a good DJ?
  226. Most efficient and high quality edit-producing process?
  227. The Moog MiniWoouf
  228. How can i improve?
  229. Fred McLovin - Rocket Launcher (Original Mix) // FREE DL
  230. Best begginer software?
  231. Midi keyboards
  232. Looking for a filter that I can set the cutoff frequency with by inputing midi notes
  233. WTF Acid?
  234. Ableton Audio > Midi ?
  235. Thoughts on Ableton Live Intro
  236. Need quick help in Ableton
  237. 24 Bit Export
  238. Production capabilites of Novation Twitch
  239. Renard - Intensive Care Unit
  240. Probe - Project 1 (Original Mix) // Feedback
  241. Hackintosh Help
  242. Deadmau5 - Professional griefers remixed!!
  243. Could anyone help me with an Akai MPK Mini?
  244. Having trouble recording my DJ mixes
  245. Reason Essentials Ignition Key Issues/ Reason Review ?
  246. Oppinions on my first REMIX?
  247. Need desk/workstation suggestions
  248. Just some techno...
  249. 30 second clip, trying something different, (and retro?)
  250. Radio Slave Sample Pack - Out Now