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  1. I need an opinion from an experienced Synth guy
  2. Logic Pro X Third Party Plugins?
  3. Remove hiss from mix recording
  4. Arturia Microbrute Synth Demo by 100mg Music!
  5. Na Zdrow!e - Family [REMIX CONTEST]
  6. Need assistance with Recording
  7. I wanna make a name drop w/ the movie trailer voice
  8. Feedback for my tracks :)
  9. My first project, some tips???
  10. How to make an Uplifting Trance Synth
  11. Pro Tools 11: What Hardware to buy?
  12. need ReCycle advice
  13. Free NI tube compressor VSTi (only until 12/31)
  14. *New Tune* DJ BENNY G & DOM LEIGH - KNOCK KNOCK (Breaking Bad Sample) EDM/Prog House
  15. Bassline Sample Pack
  16. Dennis Boy (Music Produced by me)
  17. ProfessU Talks with Grammy Award-winning Bink!
  18. Ensoniq ASR-10 question.
  19. Exotic Mastering -10€- offer from Exotic Refreshment
  20. Help! Connect and record mix on Macbook
  21. How to make your drums hit hard
  22. Icewind - Hindsight vs Foresight
  23. DV beat/production battle - win a record
  24. anyone sell music construction packs that they created themselves?
  25. recomendation for audio interface
  26. recording equipment
  27. Making a mix...
  28. Buy FLP project
  29. wolfrage recordings
  30. Problems recording a mix
  31. Shoutcast Error
  32. Do you consider a producer a fraud if he
  33. i need a vocals only of Bee gees "more than a woman"
  34. Vocal Sync ... Help Wanted
  35. M-Audio Venom synth for £163 + shipping (originally £470)
  36. New Max4Live plugin - Instamau5 feedback
  37. Free samples and loops
  38. For Anyone Interested In Learning Synthesis & Sound Design. It's Awesome.
  39. Press Release: Bitwig Release Date Announcement
  40. House Track Instrumentals?
  41. Break Tweaker
  42. New software? wtf? grumble grumble....
  43. Mental Instability Free Deathstep Tracks
  44. Have Some Free NSMV's From Me Blaze O3O
  45. Barj - Dont this Sh*t (Melodies)
  46. Audio Interface help
  47. Studio Rules & Golden Tips
  48. Best and Worst Artistic Advice Given [gleaned from Sundance film festival interviews]
  49. Problem with sound quality in Ustream.
  50. Goldenscan Halcyon My Remix
  51. New M-Audio Trigger Finger Pro
  52. Any tips before I get this mastered?
  53. Tips On Getting Helpful Feedback On Your Productions [or mixes, etc]
  54. Brass/Horn/Stab Synth (Oliver Heldens Gecko, Animals remix)
  55. Making a Jazz Piano Beat
  56. Can anyone help me make this sound?
  57. Reason 7 upgrade question
  58. Trance Production Tutorials
  59. Any tips you guys wanna throw in about house intros?
  60. Making Jazz Piano Beat Part 2
  61. Getting back into producing music, need easy to use Software recommendation
  62. Production Mix Off
  63. Your strongest element?
  64. Deimos mastering
  65. MIDI keyboard and Drum pad
  66. Ableton? Logic? FL?
  68. Question regarding low end!
  69. Acapella Urgent $10 PAY ATTENTION PRODUCERS!
  70. Constructive feedback to my music?
  71. Wanted : Proofreaders for tutorials
  72. Thoughts Please (WIP) Trance
  73. Looking to make pre-mixed "mega-mixes". Is there a "best" software to use?
  74. Problem when connecting to record player to audio interface
  75. Interested in starting my own record label...
  76. Ableton - FL Studio - Pro Tools - Which One is Best
  77. Wrecker!!!!
  78. Looking for a program that i can see BPM
  79. Side note, Made in Germany
  80. FL STUDIO EDM/House Production! Get Feedback, Give Feedback
  81. Bombay India Style Dirty Dutch (DEMO)
  82. Wedding mix dance creation three songs easy quick Help please?
  83. Novation Launchpad S Contral Pad ft. Ableton Live Lite (video)
  84. [Opportunity] VA - Samba Eletrico (2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil)
  85. Ableton Problems
  86. Problem with Pitch Shift effect
  87. Akai Announces Three New APC Controllers
  88. Sound colorization - Rant
  89. How to make MASHUP/REMIXES
  90. Analog or Digital Recording?
  91. just looking for a little guidance........Mpk mini + macbook air.
  92. transposing 808 up an octave
  93. Recording Guitar For My Productions: Would this be good enough?
  94. cheap DAW's?
  95. Help needed--> Extracting Acapella from a song. how?!
  96. Big room house!!!
  97. Video game music
  98. EQ Tips, Techiniques and More!
  99. Mp3 to Flac Converter? Why so complicated? WTF???
  100. Production Softwares that allow you to Set a track at a particular Bpm Tempo?
  101. Studio Headphones?
  102. Help with buildup?
  103. Samples 06: Essential Progressive Leads
  104. How much can you sample in an original?
  105. Spread vst
  106. Gear talk- Best RCA/USB cables for Serato/Traktor?
  107. Hard Disk Overload?
  108. making custom intros & outros , what are the preferred methods of doing this?
  109. akai mpk mini on garageband. Mapping pads + knobs.
  110. Low wind/bass sound?
  111. Starting to produce
  112. Any of you guys do this too? :P
  113. 3.0 USB port problem with audio interface
  114. Live Mashups??
  115. Interference while recording to laptop
  116. Hip Hop Producing Question
  117. Massive or something like it for ableton
  118. 2 Hour Tracks!
  119. Post your favorite production you've made so far
  120. where i can download loops?
  121. Audio Interface inputs
  122. Hey guys, download my hip hop beat tape SO SATANIC - noddy headed freak
  123. Soundcard Question
  124. How to Pitch Nexus in Fl studio (SOLUTION)
  125. How to Pitch Nexus in Fl studio (SOLUTION)
  126. Made this after finding the MIDI files for Tilt-The World Doesn't Know - Who's next?
  127. Whistle sounds
  128. SE7ENATION - Sunshine (Radio Edit)
  129. Mixmeister update or new mixing program.
  130. Want to Start Producing
  131. SquaredHeads Nora - Polyphonic Phrase Arpeggiator
  132. New Sample Pack: Ultimate Drum Loops
  133. I got some new beats Check them out.
  134. post potato psy trance
  135. Building a production PC
  136. Stretching Vocals in Ableton??
  137. Maschine temporary price drop
  138. Serato, Traktor, or VDJ?
  139. Help with new equipment!
  140. How to remix a song?
  141. NI Reaktor 5 reduced from £339 to £89 for the next 7 days
  142. psy potato but trance
  143. Looking for the "bed creaking/chair creaking" sample
  144. Production Networking
  145. Electro Indie..
  146. Production Beginner
  147. Exclusive mixtape dubstep for hight vibration - 320 kbs - animal bass
  148. Anyone out there using Bitwig Studio?
  149. How to come up with interesting hi hat patterns?
  150. Only 6 days left till the end of the Remix Contest announced by Cloning Sound record
  151. Fl Studio Easy Trick to pump the sh*t out of someone
  152. DJ Software to use?
  153. 7000+ acapellas (90's hip hop + vinyl)
  154. Feedback on a new track
  155. FL Studio 11 PE Tutorial
  156. advice on starting music production
  157. Question about Zebra presets
  158. recording analogue instruments with FL Studios
  159. 50% off NI Komplete upgrades, crossgrades, etc
  160. Height of DJ monitor (speakers)
  161. MosDam is back!
  162. If you like beats with Lo-Fi, Glitch, video game synth sounds check these out...
  163. Laying the foundation ,Please help
  164. Paris Blohm & Taylr Renee - Left Behinds [SE7ENATION Remake]
  165. Ableton Live Project - Astral Tech presents PsyderMind
  166. Need recommendation /MP3 cutter
  167. [Track Request] VA - Shamanic Tribes Vol.4
  168. Where Can I find acapellas or studio quality vocals?
  169. Where to start?
  170. Serato sl3 or sl4? for output/processing quality...
  171. help with mixing a track
  172. Do you know which synth is this?
  173. Remix Contest (Just for fun)
  174. Ableton Versus Logic Pro X
  175. What Genre is this?!!
  176. Ableton push
  177. Komplete9 vs Komplete 9 Ultimate
  178. Information overload is a dangerous thing
  179. Ant-Alien - Sounds of Fullmoon [SAMPLE PACK]
  180. Help me improve my remix.
  181. Computer/display setup options...???
  182. Royal Brothers - World Jump (OUT NOW)
  183. Beginner music production...???
  184. Free music 4 u
  185. How much progress is good?
  186. Royal Brothers - PIRANHA (Available August 4)
  187. Refurbished/Used Mac's...???
  188. Sliding notes on FL studio?
  189. Good Mastering Software
  190. Royal Brothers - PIRANHA (OUT NOW)
  191. Following through with record labels
  192. Best Screen Recording Software?
  193. Best Screen Recording Software?
  194. samlping other tunes
  195. Laptop or Desktop For Music Production?
  196. produce music with beatboxing?
  197. Vintage mixing
  198. Reloop Tape for vinyl mix recording help needed
  199. DAW similarities, Workflow and Learning Curve...???
  200. My friend's production course is on sale ($77 for 12 hours of HD video tutorials)
  201. Mastering in Separate Live Set?
  202. Mastering in Spain
  203. Simulate Increasing Dry/Wet Auto Filter in Ableton
  204. MosDam time!! Feedback time!!
  205. Thinking about a producer name change
  206. What to charge for small sound bite edit
  207. I need someone to rate how the mastering sounds
  208. Warping - Traktor or Ableton?
  209. Audio Interfaces and external soundcards…???
  210. Ableton Question?!
  211. Free Radio Play for your tracks
  212. Songs going over 0 db
  213. DAW sounds and songs...???
  214. I.T. - Jukebox Thunder Beats (Construction Kits and Samples)
  215. Computer/Office Ergonomics...???
  216. Offsite Studio...???
  217. looking for a Software to cut and modify vocals
  218. Interstellar Troublemaker - The X Files [LOGIC X PROJECTS]
  219. Full original mix track in selected genre.
  220. Clipping noise after editing a track using WavePad Sound Editor or Audacity
  221. Charity Album
  222. Pre-amp for monitors?
  223. Video Studio Project Burning Dilemma
  224. Working on a project. Got nowhere.
  225. Roland TR-8 Aira Rhythm Performer
  226. Fun Reveal Sound SPIRE Tutorial
  227. Sugar Bytes Unique Tutorial
  228. ***Recording Advice***
  229. Sampole Packs For techno
  230. Ableton Live Project - Astral Tech presents Spacetrak
  231. Advice on recording vinyl into Ableton
  232. Unable to finish creating a single track.
  233. Private Lessons type services
  234. Hey guys will you check out my hip hop beat tape? :zany:
  235. How do vocalists do their work?
  236. making trance music what equipment?
  237. Documentary on the Roland 808
  238. Working on the drop, what do you guys think?
  239. TB-303 appreciation thread
  240. Audacity Question
  241. DJ's Help!!!
  242. Working with a new song - what do you think?
  243. USB Audio Interface Help/Reccomendations
  244. Nasa Samples
  245. Mp3 Gain and Track Normalization
  246. Can anyone help me make this sound with Massive or Sylenth??
  247. Matt craig - love commandments
  248. My 2 Latest Tracks. Feedback wanted :)
  249. Matt craig - jj tribute
  250. Matt craig - bacon fries